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  1. Linen has been sacked. Good one, Olympiakos. The new owners obviously have no idea about football. Olympiakos is a joke.
  2. Gekas actually came on in the 93rd minute and played all of two minutes. The Portsmouth manager, Paul Hart, is a JOKE. He has no idea. His team is struggling to score goals and in a home game against the bottom team he puts on a recognised striker with 2 minutes to go. Even the Portsmouth fans in the club's online forum have now got stuck into Hart for his abysmal treatment of Gekas and, to a lesser extent, Basinas. Gekas deserves better. Portsmouth deserves relegation.
  3. I have just heard that Matt Derbyshire, an English striker from Blackburn Rovers, has been picked up on a 6 month loan. What is Oly thinking????? I don't think he can fit into Kovacevic's boots.
  4. This is ridiculous and yet a further sad reflection on the pathetic state of Greek football. Fo4 god sake Olympiakos actually did something in Europe this year and is still in the hunt for the Greek championship. Kokkalis is destroying the team. Shame.
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