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  1. Αν η γιαγια μου ειχε καρουλια... :P No, we don't need to discuss old posts, since they are there for all to see. The only point to add is that when MEGA went to Directv in 2006, lots of the posters were pretending as if this was the only time a platform tried to compete with Dish. It wasn't. But I was amazed by all the people who were refusing to look at the track record of entities like Directv when it came to international programming. Remember, there was a bigger picture beyond Greek programming and lots of channels Directv lured and dumped.
  2. You can watch it right on your tv with roku for free
  3. Come on, don't be so hard on them. They offered us some fun. We can go back some years' posts and read all these predictions by posters here of how "Directv will kill Dish" or how "Home2US will kill Dish" and how in the end "there will be no channel left at Dish but Antenna."Good times... :LOL:
  4. Does EllasTV have the international versions of Greek channels, meaning ERT WORLD, ANTENNA SATELLITE, MEGA COSMOS, and ALPHA SAT?
  5. I am guessing MEGA will walk barefoot on broken glass to beg to be taken back to DISH. I doubt the other channels are going anywhere.
  6. I meant through nowhere tv on roku (free platform). It looks like this is the stream wherever tv shows
  7. It is live, but delayed by 3 mins. You don't need to have wherever tv to have skai on roku for free, though it sure is nice to have it alongside their other offerings.
  8. I never thought (or believed) ERT would leave DISH as many here claimed. It made no sense for them to leave the successful platform for yet another MEGA experiment, I said that a thousand times. But I agree that they should be available on cable--their lack of cable options makes no sense as well.
  9. Or, you know, according to your websitehttp://www.ellastvshop.com/ it is already coming to Roku since...wait for it...September 2011 <_<
  10. North America Greek Basic Package $29.99/month Includes Greek Radio Package & Video On Demand. Not what your page says. It shows only TWO TV channels for Basic Package.
  11. Hey ttentelh, by visiting your website I saw that MEGA COSMOS, STAR INTERNATIONAL, and ERT WORLD cost $39.99 a month AND I have to pay $200 for your receiver. Meanwhile the same three cost $29.99 on whenever TV and
  12. Lots of newspapers are already shutting down or are in the process. I think the landscape may clear some in the next few years.As for the demos question, it is possible to ignore demos and go after a general audience. CBS does it in the US--they are #1 in overall population though not demos, and they are still financially fine. But the US is a 300 million market with more or less a handful of national broadcasters going after free-to-air advertising bucks (big 4, PBS, CW, maybe myTV, and the hispanic ones). Greece is an 11 million market with just as many national broadcasters. Obviously one o
  13. I know the article you quote mentioned that, but I also remember reading that ANTENNA itself is still profitable (because of serious cost-cutting) unlike MEGA which is now losing money for the first time since it started broadcasting. I think MEGA will soon reduce the number of hours broadcasting, following ALPHA's example. They may pull out of the morning zone which would help their finances.
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