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  1. I don't think you can really compare Samaras and Lymbe. First of all, neither player is currently in their prime (so far as we know). Second of all, their styles are completely different. Lymbe is the statue striker--basically feed him the ball and he'll put it in the net, 9 times out of ten. Unfortunately, he's useless as a passer or as a defender, plus he's got limited mobility, so he's slightly less useless than Charisteas, who works about as much but produces much less. Samaras is over 10 years younger, and if he was really all that, we'd have seen it by now. As it stands, I think if he gets enough playing time and plays with the right team, he's only going to improve. Lymbe is static, he'll only get worse with age. Samaras is a much harder worker, and has a nice first-time touch on the ball, but he's not as adept at headers or set pieces. Lymbe is deadly in the air and amazingly accurate. I'd be curious to see them team up in the 1-1-4-4 formation we used so often with Nikolaidis and Charisteas, with the younger guy in behind.
  2. He scored the opening goal in Benfica's 3-0 win over Beira this weekend. Great to see the man getting some playing time and kicking ass abroad.
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