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  1. It was turned off here in Australia since about 8am Then TV PLUS switched to a web stream of NET and about an hour ago we are now being shown ZOUGLA TV Thats whats been happening here today with ERT ERT WORLD on OPTUS D2 the FTA one has been black screen since 8AM All webstreams now show ZOUGLA www.ert.gr
  2. Update 26/10/12 Received letter from TV Plus $65.00 a month for channel package only 1 option available no a la carte etc They say more channels to come in December will see what else they will bring but likely more small channels that nobody really cares about... Channel list the Letter shows MEGA Alpha STAR 4E RIK ERT World Sunny Channel ( Formerly Channel 10 Not 24 Hours ) Sport TV ( Small channel mainly focusing on Olympiakos Not 24 Hours ) Bouli TV ( Parliament Channel Not 24 Hours) Kontra Channel ( Mainly news and current affairs not bad channel ) HIGH TV ( no idea what thi
  3. Could GCC be rebranded from OTE Cinema ? http://otetv.ote.gr/portal/page/portal/OTE...09715&type=adsl
  4. Update RIK Sat will be returning to TV Plus in the next week...
  5. LOLGreek have already spent enough on greek tv but I guess we are gullible people and will buy again for these new boxes but I know already everyone I know have already went out and bought new boxes to join the MySat package (Ant1 and ERT) TV Plus needs to get moving faster or else might be to late for them to get any of there subscribers back. As for me I wont be joining any of them have had TARBS, SelecTV and UBI there won't be a 4th time for us will just have ERT for now :)
  6. I think its very likely as alot of boxes were owned by UBI and were lent for use to subscribers so TV Plus would now own these boxes also so I would say they would continue to use them as they are working already with the channels being Free-To-Air currently for everyone to view until TV Plus is ready to launch the Greek package.
  7. I don't think MAD World will be returning at best we might get MAD Greekz as that is already established and is pretty much the same thing as World shows only Greek music we might also be getting SKAI as UBI was in talks with SKAI few months before shutting its doors... Vouli TV is filler its hardly on air only operates few hours each day and when it does its on when we are asleep lol Ant1 will not be joining them IMO they are on 2 stable platforms which have been around for 20 years plus I dont think they will join any other platforms anymore here
  8. News is TV Plus company which provided balkan channels via satellite has now bought UBI and have started broadcasting channels on old UBI frequencies Channel list currently for Greeks Bouli 4E Alpha Star MEGA ERT Emailed them said price will be pretty much the same and might be getting some other greek channels so will see what happens.... http://www.tvplus.tv/
  9. LOL no wonder they dont list those channels on there site alot of them abit iffy that they are actually allowed to broadcast them ie BBC One HD and all of the NOVA Greece channels....
  10. would be good if your website worked..... But anyway all the best with it but most greeks I know won't be bothering with Greek Pay TV anymore they have been burnt to many times now and have had enough... TARBS World TV 1995-2004 UBI World TV 2004-2012 SelecTV 2005-2011 3 Companies with Greek channels all 3 failed and Bankrupt I myself will not be bothering with any Greek TV for the time being will most likely just get ERT FTA or get Ant1 with World Media aswell as World Media has been the only company to be consistant and around the longest without any problems for Greek and Foxtel a
  11. That is out of date ERT World was encrypted by World Media who run that channel on that frequency a day after UBI went into Administration... It's still on Optus D2 on the UBI frequency FTA but who knows how long that will last with there signal on IS8 being cut today.
  12. All channels on UBI Intelsat 8 are now off air this includes all Greek channels coming up as no signal as the satellite signal has been switched off. RIP UBI Note : This also includes ERT World as UBI where the ones broadcasting it FTA here in Australia so this is no longer available either hopefully Globecast come back on board and broadcast ERT FTA again....
  13. Lets not be so negative yes the management/owners are most likely to blame to what has happened but remember there are real people working at this company who are going to be out of work if the company collapses completly
  14. Just thought I'd let people know. Channels are still on air but UBI offices have been shut for the time being. Hopefully someone buys them and continues to operate. Otherwise we will only have Ant1 and ERT here in Australia. More info here http://www.austech.info/satellite-tv-gener...nistration.html
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