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  1. Well not able to watch the game, I followed ESPN description 

    Greece not creating chances it appeared.

    In the end, this was a missed opportunity for the team and couldn't rise to the moment offensively 

    Yes this was a road game in front of a hostile crowd but deserving teams find a way to create chances and then finish

    The 5 goals the previous game but nothing now. Hard to believe 




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  2. 3 minutes ago, Alphonse said:

    Fmd Androutsos in front of goal passes it backwards to no one…

    No kidding.

    Greece have little concept of how to finish. That player should have shot the ball but if he going to pass in the box it has to be a sure pass with enough pace to get to his player. 

    This may be a team with some youth but they have to show some promise at some point so they can see a future. 


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  3. 2 minutes ago, J1078 said:

    It was a dreadful performance, Georgia deserved to win and we were pathetic.. Qualifications are now over for us we got no shot at second. Yes trolls come on here and run your mouths but the fact is this is your team as well..

    Yes Georgia outplayed Greece down the stretch. More chances and better finishing. 

    Georgia is not a bad team but they are far from being a serious team that may qualify. Greece should have scored in the 1st and then let Georgia come out of their shell and capitalize on the counter. 

    This team needs a Gekas type player. One who just had the nose for the goal. It didn't have to be a perfect set up but he would find a way to direct it with some pace on goal. 

    Someone stated that Greece has to win out in order to qualify. If they don't then they have to look at the 2026 world cup and Fortunis is gone by then. A very bleak outlook. 

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