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  1. I hope that when the 5 channels that DKSat is talking about come to Comcast nationally, they are priced reasonably. Comcast (and cable in general) is not exactly the cheapest platform out there...
  2. From what I've read elsewhere, Setanta is being broadcast as a free preview on DishNetwork until September 20th. Enjoy while it lasts...
  3. This is for a non-greek relative of mine, so greek channels are not important in this case... He just wants to get the maximum number of North-American FTA channels.
  4. Does anyone know of a decent FTA satellite equipment dealer/installer in the greater Seattle, WA area? I'm looking for someone that can help a rookie make the right decisions about hardware, setup, dish pointing, etc.
  5. Since they are based in Canada, I am hoping that they are offering the N. American ERT-World feed, as opposed to the European one (which is mostly stripped of live sports broadcasts...). On their website, they do not specifically mention which feed they are carrying - in fact, the mouse-over bubble is pointing to the Alter Globe info when you hover over ERT-World...! :o
  6. Kapetanos scored another goal for Steaua in the Romanian league today (article from in.gr): E
  7. THe most probable reason for this is that ERT has only bought the rights to broadcast PAO CL games in Greece and nowehere else. They would have to pay extra for the right to carry the game on their international satellite feeds(and we all know that they don't value us enough for that!!).
  8. I think if the greek satellite channels start losing money, they will simply withdraw alltogether - I doubt that they are willing to invest time, money and resources to improving their programming for the diaspora. As for the reasons for reduced subscriber numbers, I think all the possibilities mentioned above are equally likely to be true (especially the quality of programming.... :angry: ). I do want to mention one more, however: I wonder if there is an increased number of people using devices such as Slingbox to stream TV directly from a relative's household in Greece to their homes abro
  9. I think that Setanta only has rights for English-language broadcasts of the NT games in North America. The Greek-language rights can be negotiated independently - it's a question of $$$ which no greek channel will spend. Cheap wankers.
  10. I've been trying to watch the game on mms: // megagh2 (got this from www. tileorasi .gr) but my WMP keeps losing its connection with Mega after about 3 seconds of live streaming - and it takes about 5-10 tries to connect again, after each lost connection.
  11. ...Not to mention that jetlag was a big factor for PAO players: they were essentially playing a game that started at 3:30 am and ended at 6:00 am Greek time!! I was at the Toyota Center that night and I can personally attest that they all looked like they ought to be in bed...
  12. Has ERT-World been showing all the NT games on tape delay? So far I have only managed to catch the Greece-Israel game from the first day... If they are showing them, what time do they usually start??? Any time I turn the channel to Dish 603 these days all I seem to watch is election coverage (understandable, but annoying nevertheless...).
  13. I can confirm that I watched Israel-Greece yesterday on ERT-World (US feed), with about an hour's worth of tape-delay (basically, I was watching the first half of the game on ERT-World as I was listening to the second half on SportFm - very confusing...). As far as I know, they have not advertised this anywhere. :blink: In a similar un-announced fashion, ERT-Sat had broadcasted the 2005 Eurobasket Final against Germany - that time it was live.
  14. At the time I am posting this, ERT-World is showing the Israel - Greece game with about an hour's worth of tape-delay. As far as I know, this was not advertised (although I do not watch ERT-World often enough to know for sure), and of course the game is not listed on the channel guide. Also, I do not know if they will show all the games and whether they will also be tape-delayed...
  15. This is very good news. Does this also mean that ESPN will be covering the 2007 Eurobasket in Spain?
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