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  1. how are we doing overall as in containing their huge players, lampard, drogba, essien?
  2. i cant get the game on tv i really appreciate the play by play keep it up thanks
  3. that might have been the dumbest thing ive ever heardokay maybe vyntras and goumas should not play international football but what are you talking about with dellas kapsis nikopolidis papa antzas and xalkias i think that dellas and kapsis are a bit old but they still have a few years left in them give them a ###### break eleftheropoulos should not be called up. ninis is too young. you have a point about tav. and i think papstathopoulos is too young as well. id go with mitroglou before him .
  4. will the games be shown in the usa?
  5. will the games be shown in the US? Ive been looking everywhere and i cant seem to find anything other than eurosport in greece
  6. are the games being shown in the USA?
  7. i think karagounis is the heart of the team, he should be captain, he is the one that shows all the character nobody else stands out like him
  8. Are any of these games going to be shown in the US on television?
  9. i hate this crap they should just have the players announce it instead of getting everyones hopes up with these rumors that change daily... :tdown: :tdown:
  10. if we get banned on the 15 then what happens? how long are we out for? i would beleive that if they suspend us if the work does not get done by the 15 we will only be suspended until it is done. is that true or will it be more?
  11. wait so whats going on with Ze Roberto are they going to sign him or what? i heard something about Rivaldo convincing him to make a deal and move to OSFP
  12. what a prick what is he too good? the bastard can go back to some s%$#! club
  13. wait why are they going to ban the NT? Thats Bullshit we are the European Champions.
  14. That would not have been good for any of the Greek teams if they shut out PAOK from UEFA. I was just watching something about that story on ERT. There were some intense gatherings outside PAOK's offices
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