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  1. Ta pragmati exoun skourine at least the players will be ready against shaktar
  2. I can't really remember, i think it was across from the post office the magazines they had were in a corner and were very dusty http://users.otenet.gr/~dilma164/SuperMark...rket/index4.htm i found a map hope it helps, its a corner store beside it is a store that sells clothes and another one that sells vegetables. ill go there this year around july, its far off but ill ask my friend that lives there
  3. I wonder how they can have free admission
  4. I think the subscription itself costs 100 euros Like one day I went to a corner store in pefkohori and i saw several paok books that were 50 euros or 100 euros. I wanted to get one, it showed the team throught its history, but it was so much. The most recent one is issue no. 7 it has shikabala on the front its on the official paok website I've seen the magazines at stands, i think the cost is between 10-15 euros
  5. Greece Turkey 2:1 Greece Stelios first half Charisteas second half Turkey Fatih second half
  6. Any of yall guys drink this yet or heard about it yet? http://beer.trash.net/beerpage?beernum=1798
  7. ohhhh yea... my bad Spiro i think i got confused but yea your right :P
  8. grrr... one month until the game i can't wait :la: i hope theres gonna be panigere because ill be in greece to watch the match :tup:
  9. $60 dollars extra, i think its a special package so thats why it costs a seperate monthly fee, its the same with other countries you can get japanese, arabic, etc.
  10. Well at least were in fourth place now :P
  11. You hit the nail on the head Spiro I don't think they will ever show any greek games...i paid to watch the olympics but they ended up not showing most of it :angry: Anybody have any word on how to get ert-sat, i get mega and antenna but they don''t show all the games, i just catch the highlights on the news
  12. Anybody else see the trailer for this in America? I can't believe that there actually going to make a movie about a u.s. team that beat england 50 years ago. I guess they made this movie to get people more interested in soccer I guess MLS sucks that bad http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0354595/
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