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  1. zachos

    A1 Finals

    That was the 13th victory in 15 games in the last 3 years... 3-0 for the cup, 4-2 in regular season and 6-0 n the playoffs. Waiting to become 14-2. If PAO wins on Wednesday (or better, when) he wil become the first team ever to win the championship without a playof loss. This has been indeed a good year: 5-0 in the cup 7-0 in the playoffs 24-2 regular season Total 36-2 :1eye: :1eye:
  2. 50 from Dirk yesterday!!! :nw: :nw: :nw: In the finals he must prove he is the best!!
  3. zachos

    A1 Finals

    You played remarkably well, indeed B) . Your team has a lot of future. The following years are going to be very interesting. Greek basketball is going up and you are an important pat of it. Nevertheless, if you guys lose the Sunday's game then even in this good year for you the victories will probably be 5-1 ;)
  4. I hate the Pistons too, but because they are the only ones that could beat the Mavs in the final. The title will come to the West. Dallas will be champs with Novitsky MVP: the best player in the world. (At least I very much hope so). Turk, the Suns are remarkable but at the same time too crazy to win in very big games.
  5. zachos

    A1 Finals

    This Wednesday is the first game. Back at OAKA. These finals are a big event again because gauroi are back. Good for Greek basketball but I am not sure how good it will be for them :box: I predict 3-1 with 2 good victories in OAKA with the usual 15-30 points. What do you guys think?
  6. I have leaved in Greece for 20 years before i moved to the US and let me tell you about the Greek law and especially when it comes down to the sport that we called Soccer " IT SUCKS" There no way that you can tell me that the Vardinogianis family has nothing to do with OFH it's proven that they have they even named the stadium after him. So what has the Greek LAW done for that NOTHING. nOW ABOUT THE FANS STO KARAVI totally othet subject i am against that and i wish the police would have arrested everyone untill they where proven inecent. They arrested 4 what a joke!!! :LOL: And they all went infront of the judge and they where set FREE. So again where is the GREEK LAW HERE!!! About AEK " eating" 100 million Euro lets not forget that Oly about 10 years ago did the same thing and mor recent if i am not mistaking didn't OFH join the same club with us??? Not sure tho. Bassicly in a few words in Greece the we use the law MONO OTAN EXOUME SUMFERON!!! A8ANATH ELLADARA!! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: We are not disagreeing, we are saying the same thing. The only difference is that me, as an OFI fan prefer my team to be sent to the B' division and the law to be upheld. You may say that I say this now that the team sucks and you are partly right. When our teams go well, we forget about the law. But did you say the same for your team when you had the problems? I would be happy if someone decided to discuss with OFI fans rather that mock and scoff them all the time as if they like the s..t that's happening.
  7. If you guys are so interested with the ownership by Vardinogiannides, why don't you just press for the law that they cannot have two teams to be enforced? You will do OFI fans the biggest favor of all. Is it because you AEK "ate" 100mill Euros from creditors? Is it because Olympiakos has the "national supplier" for president? Is it because half of the A division teams should have been sent to the second division for several reasons? So next time make sure you all folow the laws of this country or shut up. (If you have evenr been to Greece) (Even CNN played what happened in the ship and the fans were punished by being escorted to their coach by the police.)
  8. On Sunday the team plays for its life, or for staying in the first division. But for... its soul perhaps the best thing is to lose. The way that recent years have passed, humiliation about the tsatsoi thing escalating, I am not sure how much OFI fans want the team to remain in the division. Perhaps falling is the only way to get rid of the Vardinogiannides cancer :tdown: ... Its not easy for a fan to accept this idea though...
  9. zachos


    :LOL: AEK is just not of your caliber this year. Perhaps you should fight someone of your own size. Can you think of someone? ;) Its gonna be interesting playoffs.
  10. Fair result. :( The team showed to have too many weaknesses to go for the European title. Rebounding, lack of true leader (we must rid of Lacovic) and confidence in shooting. Lets hope all will be impoved next year. Good luck to Olympiakos.
  11. zachos


    I talk about 30 and 35 a lot in the recent derbies because I think it is funny and it teases you. For example, also like to remind that OSFP has many European records: two in Football and one in basketbal (quiz: what are they? ;) ). Its not that I really care, I just think it is funny. Good luck with Maccabi (honestly). I hope you beat them.
  12. zachos


    Eiste asteioi. Trote 20ares kai 30res stin imerisisa diataxi kai gia parigoria ehete ena apotelesma pou egine prin apo deka hronia :LOL: :LOL: Anti na pas na krufteis milas kai apo pano...
  13. Hmmm... Psychraimous sas vlepo mehri stigmis gia tin diaitisia. Tha ftaiei pou o Nightsurfer den ehei pei tipota akomi... ;) Apo oti akouo to penalty se Lybe itan katharo kai to offside para polu oriako (mallon den itan). To heirotero htan autes oi mal... me Ntemi se aerodromio. Autoi oi alites prepei na kanoun kati allo me tin zoi tous...
  14. zachos


    With so many lost threes its tough to break the 35-point record :angry: (the only interesting thing in these games any more). Oly is consistently impoving though. Only 19 this time. Crazy, I prefer gaurosoupa to glarosoupa. :P
  15. Mallon tha to kourasoume kai allo.. :angry: Auti tin fora prepei na tous rixoume 15-20 pontous sto OAKA na isishasoun.
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