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  1. Olympiakos Volou is in B Ethniki...Niki Volou is in Gama Ethniki
  2. Today was oficially announced the merge between A.S.K. Olympiakos Volou playing in B division and Ethnikos Olympiakos Volou playing in C division.The new team Olympiakos Volou will compete in B division with Achilleas Beos taking complete charge of Volos team. The merge will free a place in the C division-Voreios omilos,but it is not expected to be replaced by another team.The final decision of that will be announced by E.P.O
  3. ta eishthria pou dethese i EPO se prwth fash einai ola mazi sta idia section.Ta 4500 pou dithese xthes einai diaskorpismena. Pantws symfwna me tis prwtes ektimiseis sto xwritikothtas 30.000 stadio panw apo 18.000 tha einai Ellhnes filathloi
  4. The most recent news of Olympiakos at Olympiakosvolou
  5. 25tis agwnistikis results: Kastoria-Olympikos Volou 0-1 Kalamata-Aris 0-0 Proodeftiki-Panahaiki 1-0 Ergotelis-Niki Volou 1-0 Panserraikos-Etnikos Asteras 4-1 Veroia-Ilisiakos 0-2 Kerkyra-Paniliakos 2-0 standings 1.
  6. if your girlfriend is from Volos she can explain to you why one of Olympiakos Volou fan's club is called Aystrian Boys!It is such a long story....it begun at 1897!!!
  7. the final live covarage for the 1st agonistiki is: Ergitelis-Aris(Saturday 24 20:00) Veroia-Niki Volou(Monday 26 16:00)
  8. sorry but it starts on the 25th!one match will be played on Saturday(live on ET3),6 on Sunday and another one on Wednesday!(also live on ET-3) the first live matches are:Saturday 24th:ERGOTELIS-ARIS Wednesday 28th:XAIDARI-OLYMPIAKOS VOLOU
  9. www.olympiakosvolou.gr this is the official site witch at the momenth is reconstructed!it'll start working in a few days!other unofficials sites are: www.austrian-boys.com www.olympiakosvolou.com
  10. the B ETHNIKI championship is starting on the 25th of September
  11. Thrasyvoulos Jiovani Petrini Mauyritsio Mosio Kastoria Mihalis Mpanias Ilisiakos Ivailo Ivanov(ccka Sofia)
  12. you are right! :tup: he's a Panserraikos player now!
  13. What about the weekend on the 3-4 th?ouups :huh: we are playing against Kazakstan and there is no A ethniki!!!! sorry Russian_Scouser
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