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  1. I agree with most of you people it is not good to get rid of the coach every year. I also have a feeling the Olympiakos might miss the CL again as it is hard for the players to get ready and learn a new system all at the same time. I hope I am wrong on that point as we need to hopefully have 2 Greek teams in the CL that can hopefully get some points for Greece. I also hope that PAO win the playoffs as they are the only team from the 4 that probably has a chance to make it to the group stage of the CL. I am not trying to put PAOK or AEK down but I really do not think they would make it to the group stage and as I said earlier we need our teams to get some points for Greece in the UEFA standings so that at least 1 or 2 would go stit to the group stage. Anyways thats all I have to say on this and really bad move Kokkalis try keeping a coach for a few years you might get somewhere in Europe and not just win the Greek League. 1 example look at PAO'S Basketball team same coach for 10 years and 4 Euroleague titles. :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
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