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  1. Our players here at PAOK score goals, the best goals, let me tell you. Ask anybody, these players are fantastic. We play in the great, big, wonderful Toumba Stadium, everybody knows it, and we built that stadium like nobody can build a stadium. We got the Chinese to pay for it. PAOK, the greatest team, believe me.
  2. well, if rodriguez can't go... you know your boy is ready and waiting ;) I like the modified lineup with the inclusion of pereyra. he should have a more advanced #10 role in that 4-3-3. even if campos is actually our #10.
  3. i think ivic knows what needs to be done for the return leg. this guy was there for us in big games not too long ago. he will push the right buttons and we will come out full force in toumba, fans included. hopefully without platini putting us in the dog house again.
  4. my pappoudes always used that word instead of jeans for some reason.
  5. a man loves what it means to be human, of which justice is a part. a man can dream that justice be done.
  6. seriously. a slightly more clinical opponent and we may well have lost, i think.
  7. he made it look so easy there. great goal by mak.
  8. commentator said it looked like we were trying to lure panionios upfield and score on the counter, which looked accurate. they are chasing now and it sounds like a plan for the second half. 0-1 is good for HT and justified.
  9. he should have done better there. at least we do look motivated.
  10. no laola today? totally unmotivated to study but I don't want to waste time with shitty streams that will just cut out either...
  11. confident finish from rodrigues. as it should have been. i think my little cousin could have put that one away. we played some actual football to set that one up, much of the first ten minutes this looked like kickball instead.
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