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  1. Icarus

    New AEK Stadium Topic

  2. Icarus

    Larissa Jersey

    http://www.ael.gr/ To site tis AEL tha einai syntoma konta sas! Most likely the boutique also!
  3. Yes that was disgusting, though with the way Turkey treats it's Islamists, it was going to happen sooner or later.
  4. Turkey will not be going to Portugal. I have a feeling that the next match will end in a draw. Kerr, you were saying.....
  5. Interesting I would also like to know about this other place...
  6. Icarus

    Demis Nikolaidis

    This really breaks my balls. When these foreigners come in and snatch our talented players like Demis and Karagouni and wisk them off only to never let them play. WHY TAKE THEM?! LEAVE THEM IN GREECE IS YOU AREN'T GOING TO PLAY THEM DMANIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Demis come back to the one that loves you...
  7. Am I right in assuming the PAO club on Pape St in Toronto will televise this game? Admission $20?????
  8. HAHA!! Good on my fav Turkish side Besiktas for sticking it to the English!!!! :D :D :D
  9. Icarus

    Olympiakos - Juventus

  10. Icarus

    Turkiye - England

    They aren't playing at the Olympic stadium? Makes sense. From what I've heard the pitch is alittle too far from the stands there. Saracoglu is probably alittle more "cosy" for the English team. :P :P
  11. Icarus

    Monaco - AEK

    Score will be 0-1 to AEK. Okkas get's the goal...
  12. Icarus

    How about the Eagle's Nest? I like that name much better....Pame sti Folia!!!! :box:
  13. Icarus


    Drakos, I am glad PAO has gone to the Quarter Finals, seriously I am. But the only time is NOW and NOW PAO are weak and were damn lucky not to have conceeded 10 against Man U. PAO and the Gavri have monopolised Greece's representation in Europe for far too long and have NOTHING to show for it. Yes you guys came damn close last year in the UEFA cup, but the point is you definetly will not be doing any such thing for this year at the very least. It's time some newer blood from Hellas showed itself in Europe. PAO+OLY enough!!!!
  14. Icarus


    Trifil, no losses against Madrid, Roma, Depor etc are far better results than 5-0 thrashings by the Eglezi. Now if this was the PAO of 2-3 years ago I wouldn't dare say anything, hell even if this was the great PAO team from last year I wouldn't, but this ISN'T. PAO-The Armenian-Lymberopoulos-Karagounis+injured Olisadebe does not equal a great team.
  15. Icarus

    AEK - Panathinaikos

    No, they're bad. AEK was playing with alot of emotion against Depor as few days ago, it's only natural that they come out somewhat flat. PAO only tied becauase AEK didn't play up to snuff, but make no mistake, PAO is not a good team.