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    We remain at 47th. Surprised we did not drop. Miss the days of Greece being ranked near the top ten.
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    Agree with everything you said Ausgreek.
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    CF and captain of the Pirated Pirates team Deano! That would be the best way to play both Mantalo and Fortouni. What was Skibbe's fear of playing Mantalo as an 8 anyway (cause one of them two would have to advance further from the other behind Mitro and it would be Fortouni most likely). Skibbster could of done that when it mattered, already. I also think Donis has upstaged everyone and should probably play anywhere he wants, maybe AM/SS position.
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    I've heard in a video somewhere that he would play Zeca as the number 6 and Fortounis and Mantalos just in front of him. That's what I heard in a video. Not a bad idea.
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    We're going to be stuck watching Tziolis,Tzavellas and Samaris and will be scratching our heads with call ups to Vellios and Diamantakos.
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    Radio Arvyla season premiere is set for November 23, 2015 on Ant1. Glad to have them back. Here is the trailer for the new season premiere: