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    I do want to experiment with a younger line up and new players which is a must in these upcoming friendlies but we also need to realize that wins are crucial for our fifa rankings and moving up..
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    I do not get all the fuss about some players of Atromitos /Asteras and I think your memory is not decent at all lads. Superleague is overall weakened. That is obvious from the European results. Teams like Atromitos and Panionios have obviously stepped up their game but the League is weakened. Honestly apart from Siopis, Pelkas , Paschalakis and Lamprou/Masouras I find noone else who should even be looked into from the GSL currently to become a regural pick of the NT. Limnios and Douvikas too young for now. The rest are already fully developed and past their peak. Many promising CB but honestly why bother? Sokratis Manolas Retsos Mavropanos Kyriakos will all be above them in preference. Friendlies line up that I would love: Paschalakis Bakakis Hatzidiakos Mavropanos Tsimikas Siopis Galanopoulos Masouras Pelkas Lamprou Mitroglou/Karelis
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    Watch "AE Larissa vs Panathinaikos 0-1 All Goals&Highligts HD 19.02.2018" on YouTube Nice finish.
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    As long as we do our job we need not worry about other results.
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    That's not a bad line up Rockafeller. I don't think Siopis will make it in time for the friendlies as he is injured. Would like to see that line up. Maybe Kourbelis could start next to Galanopoulos. I'd also like to win these matches so I'd have Lazaros and Donis playing. Maybe Giakoumakis deserves a call up. But he has only played one good game. Limnios is the same age as Lamprou. I'd also like to see Mavropanos in the team but I don't see that as a possibility. Retsos and Donis are our future stars. So it's best they play the majority of these games. Kyriakopoulos for Asteras is also decent but Tsimikas is better.
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    Pretty sweet finish....here's the hilight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oseX3lhRDpU
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    Happy birthday to Ronaldo Guiaro (February 18, 1974) who turns 44. Arguably our best central defender of Modern Era.
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    Bastakos is a complete and utter joke. Jeeeeeeesus!!!! Seriously? We actually spent money for this guy!?!?! So we bought bastako to level our failure to buy Vouho?!? Seriously?!?! Vouho v Bastako!?! Bastako vs Vouho!?!
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    Looking that way. I'll give you credit....you have been saying the championship is yours for 40 years, and have never given up.
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    Karelis had a goal and an assist in Genk's 3 - 1 victory over Zulte-Waregem. Seems he's regaining his form...good news for the NT Highlights :