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    As long as we remain pot 3 we are fine. After that is when the issues occure. Next euro will be 10 groups of 5 or 6 teams. And being pot 3 with a mediocre pot 1 and pot 2 team could even see us 1st but big chance that it could see us 3rd based on the current rankings. A theoritical draw at this moment: Pot 1 right now: Spain, Belgium, France,Germany,Sweden,Denmark,Croatia, Portugal, Switzerland,England Pot 2 right now:Italy, Wales, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia,N.ire, Romania, Rep of Ireland,Iceland,Ukraine We would be pot 3 So you could obviously there could be meme Groups like Sweden - Austria - Greece but there could also be very bad Senarios like Belgium - Italy - Greece I dont expect pot 1-2 as a total to change much. Big teams will play each other so they ll win even just 1 or 2 of their 6 games they ll stay pot 1-2. I do expect however us being able to take this opportunity considering we re grouped with bad teams, to try and get ourselves to pot 2 , avoiding teams that are pot 1 powerwise and have been having bad results lately (Netherlands,Italy right now). In total we got the biggest advantage to go up in the rankings than other teams in League B who shouldn't be there. They re out of their league and they ll probably do terribly, giving us a shot to actually take their spots. Talking for teams such us Czech republic, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Slovakia, even Bosnia considering 2 of their 4 good players got retired. I believe 3 wins at home and 3 draws away would be the minimum to do in this group. Wouldn't mind 4 wins either but we struggle with nations parking the bus. And we all know that teams like Estonia will park the bus trying to stay in division C.
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    With his Christian name I think Pontus should be called Wernbloomidis in all our official communication and lineups.
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    APOEL won 3-1 at home after trailing 0-1 and will now face Astana of Kazachstan in PO of EL. First game will be on Cyprus.
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    Up two spots in the new ranking that was released today: #42. Our opponents in the Nations League: Hungary #51, Finland #62, Estonia #94.
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    It's also the fact there aren't many options in some positions either. Tachtsidis I believe is talented but has proven time and time again that he is very inconsistent. Mitroglou is too slow for me and shouldn't be guaranteed the starting position. Karelis is an option and that's about it. Donis is a winger mostly. Some are not motivated and that's a problem and that's also on the individual. Players like Sokratis, Manolas and Retsos are always motivated and they want to stay on top. We are lucky to have Retsos in my opinion. He has the right attitude and seems like a hard worker. Talent only takes you so far and if your not willing to put in the work and are not motivated then you shouldn't be near a national team let alone a pro footballer. We need fighters in this team. Also players willing to achieve big things.