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    I disagree with this strongly. The team can’t create decent chances because we are so friken slow. Fetfa and Donis would really help us be faster and offer much more creativity out wide than the crap we have seen from Mantalos, Bakasetas and Pelkas.
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    Let’s not compare the 2 countries. Canada is horrible. But Canada is the only country in the world that has dominated their first sport. What Canada has done in hockey will never be done in any sport around the world by any country.
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    Yeah I don’t know what has to be done now. You’d think the loss to faores and Luxembourg over the years would somehow motivate the team to be better but now this trend of losing to 2 star teams continue. Whats the next plan now. It’s starting to get frustrating with losing to these teams over and over again. It’s disappointing. Im still optimistic but how can you be with this trend going and not knowing when it will stop. Against better teams we play better and show up. We just have to hope big changes happen. Otherwise we will be seeing the same thing.
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    I don't recall anyone saying "laz, Fetfa and Donis are the saviours" but simply I think people are fed up with playing the same guys with no results... And fyi you don't know if Donis and Fetfa wont workout because we haven't tried them together.. We no for sure that Pelkas and Mantalos are not the answer as they've played numerous games together and look at the results they have produced.. hopefully some younger guy that comes up can produce but until they do I think a good coach would try different guys if the current group are not producing.. Don t you?? But I always recall you saying that we wont be good unless we have a Renaldo or a Mbappe or Mesi… Sure having a superstar helps immensely but realistically in 2004 we beat Ronaldo, Nedved, Zidane, so as long as you have competent players with some skill that buy into a system you can actually be successful.. Korea beat Germany 2-0 in the world cup and I'm pretty sure Korea has no superstars.. Sweden got pretty far with NO superstars either...