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    I dont get the whole fuss about our CBs being played as 6. I mena you re all crying that we need someone creative and moreup going and cry when Tziolis / Samaris / Maniatis are the combo, and suddently, you remember that our CBs can play defensive mid as well and you are begging to see them there. It's a no. With the defense like ours and Zeca making sure one player can't do much (De Bruyne and Pjanic some examples), and being a literally hero in the Kobenhavn team, he is a no brainer to start as the main 6. Samaris can now go forward and be a box to box since he can pass well and press. Noone else is allowed to steal a spot from them. Our defence was our main attribute since Otto Rehagel. Decent teams that go for the win against us ALWAYS get punished. Romania 2014? Ivory Coast 2014? Belgium 2017? Ukraine 2010? Croatia 2012? We re gonna score Cyprus a couple of goals to call it a day and see who we get in the play offs. I expect Bosnia to draw Belgium to be fair. As for the call ups. From the previous 4-5 call ups, Id want Oikonomou , Diamantakos , Vellios(yeah even me his last supporter doesnt think he deserves a spot anymore)out and Siovas, Lazaros, Pelkas in.