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Found 1 result

  1. I think we have several members who have an interest in science, in the scientific discoveries, and in the debates of public policy that involve issues science has something to say about, like climate change or global warming. I hope in this thread, at least, we keep the high standards of reasoned statements and reasonable discussion. I'll start this thread with a disturbing new study from Stanford U., "Anyone can become an internet troll".... "The research offers evidence that, under the right circumstances, anyone can become a troll." I hope there are exceptions to this, as we'll demonstrate here. Right? Some of you will notice that some suggestions from this article are being practiced here.... A short excerpt from the article: “Understanding what actually determines somebody to behave antisocially is essential if we want to improve the quality of online discussions,... ....Insight into the underlying causal mechanisms could inform the design of systems that encourage a more civil online discussion and could help moderators mitigate trolling more effectively.” Interventions to prevent trolling could include discussion forums that recommend a cooling-off period to commenters who have just had a post flagged, systems that automatically alert moderators to a post that’s likely to be a troll post or “shadow banning,” which is the practice of hiding troll posts from non-troll users without notifying the troll."
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