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  1. Gusin finished 9th place at 1.86
    Pesiridou did not advance into the finals, finishing 6th place in the semifinals heat at 13.19

    As we conclude the European Athletics Championship, Greece ends up with 5 medals (4 gold 1 silver) 
    Not bad I must say, aside from Tentoglou's gold and Stefanidi's silver, Drisbioti's double gold medal and Tzengko's impressive gold at age 19 were the highlights of this tournament. 

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    She did it by getting a lifetime best of 1:29:03, defeating Poland's Kataryna Zdzieblo (who won both silver medals in the World Championships) in a close race. 
    Antigoni became the first Greek athlete to win multiple gold medals in a European Athletics Championships. 

  3. Fantastic display by Gusin in the women's high jump qualification despite performing in the rain with leg cramps. 5th place at 1.87 and into her first major finals. 
    All relay teams did not make it to the finals. The men's 4 x 100 did ran well, they are probably like one or two quality sprinter away from being a great team. 
    Karyidi competing tonight, not expecting a medal, but hopefully a top 8 finish. 

  4. Karalis failed to qualify, only finished 5.50 m (13th overall)
    Gnafaki got another PB at 56.14, not enough to qualify for the finals. (13th overall) 
    Tryvizas fails to qualify from the heats at 21.00 (19th overall) 
    Anastasiou qualify for the semifinals at 23.38 Q (13th overall) 

  5. Karagianni will miss the women's 100 meters hurdles event after she pulled a muscle in her upper leg during training. She went to get a cat scan to reveal the injury. This is a major blow for her as she was looking to add a potential PB. She is a very beautiful athlete. ?

  6. In the men's hammer throw qualification, one Greek heads to the finals and the other performed poorly once again. 
    Frantzeskakis 8th 76.33 (q) 
    Anastasakis 19th 70.84 

    Bravo Gnafaki! PB for her at 56.45, finishing 2nd in Heat 3
    If she breaks another PB (sub 56 seconds), she could reach the finals. 

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