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  1. When is the fixture list announced?
  2. From an online newspaper in Rodos:
  3. What was the result of the Akratitos hearing - i.e., who will be replacing them?
  4. Note that the dates for the semis' 2nd leg are actually 4/11 and 4/12, not the dates cited in the originating email of this thread.
  5. What's up with the Kastoria-Ptolemeida game postponement - i.e., when will the legs be played now?
  6. Why was the Kastoria game not played today? Is the schedule wrong?
  7. Hi, Would someone translate the latter rounds into English? The Greek characters do not show up correctly on my screen. Thanks.
  8. What are the draws for the Round of 16, 8, 4, etc.?
  9. Try eBay - they're the best source for such things. Any idea what happened in the Ethnikos-Panserraikos game?
  10. I have read that Poseidon have been replaced by AO Kavala and that Kassandra have been replaced by AO Olympiakos-Ethinkos of Volos. Is this correct? Did anyone see the Kastoria-Kassandra game? Also, Poseidon having too few players might lend credence to the replacement theory from their end.
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