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  1. if this is the case I don't get why the government didn't build a mutual stadium somewhere or pumped more money in pankritio and made it a bit smaller but with retractable seating.

  2. 5 hours ago, Greekoz said:

    Barring a catastrophe like the last euro qualifying campaign, we should at the very least reach the playoffs as one of the best 3rd placed teams. Hopefully we don't draw 2 out and out powerhouse from the top 2 pots.

    worst case qualify through nations league.

  3. 16 minutes ago, kbxk508 said:

    For me, these are some of the things that cost us and lessons learnt,

    • Manolas FIFA suspension in game 1 <If he plays, no way we lose 4-1>
    • Injuries to Donis and Mantalos <if they play, we score at least 1 in Athens>
    • Failure to mark Modric in game 1, i.e. the incorrect use of Zeca in the flank in game 1
    • Loss of form of Karnezis, Stafylidis and Samaris
    • Use of name players not playing for their respective clubs, Karnezis, Stafylidis and Samaris
    • Reliance on Tziolis, as the DM <maybe no better option here>
    • Loss of form Fortounis
    • Lack of or non-development of Vellios & Diamantakos
    • Mitroglou not at 100%
    • Not trialling Bakakis
    • Lack of playing time for Lykogianis, as backup for Tzavellas
    • Holebas retirement, for Tzavellas

    Scibbe's summary at the end was a correct assessment. We need to develop the offensive side to our game but we are currently limited with few solutions from the League. Most of the big clubs and even mid tiers don't have many Greeks in attacking positions like another Mitroglou.

    The reason he picked Velios and Diamantakos is because of their potential at a young age, but unfortunately they have not developed to the required standard for international football.

    I agree mate it starts from home! The academies are producing nothing and even if they do they go to waste because at the big four have moreforeigners play more than Greeks! 

  4. the world cup will come and go quickly. especially with the new year near. its up to us to work hard to make sure we have a good qualifying campaing for euro 2020. they always say that sometimes its best to miss out on a tournament for rebuild purposes. however the euro 2016 campaign really killed us. now we will be 6 years without a major tournament as opposed to 4. its not uncommon its just crap when you see a country finally get it right in 04 and didn't really build on it.

    unfortunately for us the ranieri era really hurt us. we should of looked at a coach similar to rehagle and santos


    This nations league gives me hope.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, J1078 said:

    I completely agree.. he's a fcking idiot and to needs to go ASAP...

    Is a coach change good for us let's be serious here! A new coach yes will bring a different mind set! But it starts from within! Epo have not adapted to the change in football we must invest in the juniors if we are going to play at major tournaments again! We are starting to see a shift in fifa and uefa with the idea of everyone having a turn At a major tournament hence the reason behind expansion the euro with 24 teams really messes FIFA ranking! Hence why we see Italy grouped with Spain! 

    We need Greeks from outside of Greece to run epo! The Greeks inside Greece are a laughing stock corrupt and for there pockets! 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Torontoblue said:

    Another tournament no Greece. Summer will be painful lol

    Get use to it boys and girls. Because 2003-2014 was a golden age. Especially Portugal 04 and to a lesser extent but still amazing Brazil14. We won't qualify again for a long time. It's going to be like the 80's and 90's.  Maybe worse lol

    we keep going down in the rankings, our FA is corrupt, our clubs are broke with no proper youth facilities. 

    When we won in 2004 I thought this was it.  We had reached the big time. Things were going to change. Investment, infrastructure. But nothing. F*** em

    I agree with u 100% we need investment! But in all honesty do u think the croats have investment or infrastructure! The problem is with us we are too laid back! The kids in other nations are hungry for success we in Greece want it all without trying 

  7. The game was lost in the first leg! Unfortunately we don't have a midfield a play maker! Even with players like tasos donis we still have a missing link between our defence and our strikers! We work very hard to even score! Had we got a result in Croatia maybe it would be a different story however we still would of encountered the same problems in Russia! Unfortunately we now can only look towards euro 2020 the quicker the next 8 months pass the better but let's hope some junior play maker steps up for us! Why the fa don't help feftazidis and ninis is beyond me! When u produce juniors like them u need to embrace them and ensure there future is bright! 

  8. The dark days are upon us but it's how dark the epo want to make it! They need to invest more money into the nt including a better coach and coaching staff! If santos has a crap campaign at this World Cup I see him coming back to coach the nt! Which is ok for a quick fix however not good for the long run! We need to qualify for the euro and have a decent tournament! No excuses!

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  9. 22 minutes ago, Torontoblue said:

    I love some of the faith you guys have. But reality is we keep going backwards. Not qualifying for the Euros last time was bad but it worse now. We now missed 2 major tournaments in a row.  Last Time that happened was before 2004.  We remember the dark ages of the national team. That's where it's headed. I don't think we will qualify again for a long long time. Mark my words.  There needs to be big changes in Greek soccer. 

    And no I don't believe we will come back from 4-1. Mission in possible. We will come out attacking but that will leave us wide open for them to pop in a few. It's over. The fat lady has sung for Greece.

    Yesterday my Italian, Portuguese and Spanish friends just kept laughing about the Greek team and saying now the world really knows we are only a fluke team winning the Euros but not changing anything. FML lol

     We are just lucky that the tournaments have grown and include more teams! A euro with 24 is not a bad thing after all! A World Cup with 48 teams in the future will mean no playoffs for Europe 

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  10. 2 hours ago, tantra129 said:

    there are no serious academies. It’s all garbage  

    Like everything else in Greece, it’s who will cash in first. Kick the Can down the road and no player development. 


    when it comes to Player development,  there are many shadow organizations that make decisions, have the right contacts and cash in quickly  

    Hence why greece is full of prodotes

  11. ... and another thing is im sick and tired of greeks taking club football so serious. this is where it counts for Godsake world cups & European cups. Club football comes no where near national team football. As an ethnos we hugely have problems amongst ourselves I couldn't care less who wins the championship it means nothing when you win it with 10 foreigners produce some players.

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  12. euro 2004-we had play makers on the bench now we have absolute rubbish on field let alone the bench. unfortunately the golden era is over we might need to wait another 10 years hoping that the Greek FA get something right in the next decade. The big 4 must invest more in academies less foreigners in each team and create some young guns.  Someone earlier in the forum was speaking about adopting 8 on 8 on smaller field for the academies.

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