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  1. Fenerbahce - Man. Utd. : 3 - 0 ! Hat-trick from Tuncay! :nw: Good bye CL and UEFA here we come! :box:
  2. New Year sounds good but the problem is i might be in France at new year. :)
  3. I think Fener has a very good chance. The team is playing great at the last matches. Alex is at his top form. That guy is a magician. With a little bit of luck nothing is impossible! If GS did it, why can't we?
  4. Well mate i'd love to but i'll be working in a new job starting from this january so i'll be in Istanbul for quite a long time. if i go to Izmit on a match day i'll make you know so we can arrange something! ;)
  5. Our defence is crap. If you play with this kinda defensive set up in Europe, that's what happens. I still believe in FB in Europe though, we have players that can turn the matches and the group standings.
  6. We are really in big trouble man! Unless they sell the team to a wealthy firm or a businessman, we can say good bye to Superlig for years! :angry: Sefa'nın milyonlari Gurculere vermesine sasirmadim, kendisi de Gurcu zaten. Sana tamamen katılıyorum! :angry:
  7. We have really great players. Alex proved himself to be a great transfer. It's up to Daum wheter we will be successfull or not.
  8. This is so childish. Take it easy guys...
  9. Where is the pictures of new training ground and facilities? :)
  10. I mean i was expecting a more crazy atmosphere. :P btw Seems to me the Greek tv put the main camera between the fans cuz i've seen many shadows in front of the screen drinking something and standing up when the Greek team was attacking. :lol:
  11. It was a great game indeed! :tup: Before the match i said a point would be great for us but now i'm worried cuz we could have won this match. We were technically superior so created some very good chances with counter attack. We did what we had to do so i'm glad. Also our game was promising for the future games. :tup: As for Greece, Vryzas worked really hard. Charisteas wasn't very affective. Good match, good score, what can one ask more? :tup: btw the atmosphere was not very intimidating, fans acted civilised which is a very good thing! :)
  12. So far i'm very glad with the performance of my team. Both teams had good chances. How Nikolaidis managed to save Nihat's shot is beyond me! Damn! :blink: I see it 2-2 so far. Both teams playing the same game style. First defence and then quick attack! :whistle:
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