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  1. Glad to see him go!!! He will not be missed. I had been impressed with him up to 2010 World Cup ,since that tournament he has been running like an idiot who does not know how to play his position. He looks like a child playing a mans sport. Did everyone see the EUROs this year there is amoment against the Poles where his hands are in the air and he is running around looking like a jack ass. He should have been voted on uefa's worst team selection, even Holebas looked better and he was chosen as one of the worst players. He will ride the bench just like that dumb ass TZORVAS-what s%$#! goalie he is . They both will beg to come back to Greece. The comeback will look similar to Spanoulis coming back to Greece they will beg and have to buy their way back. :LOL: :box:

    Zito H ELLADA,

    Now back to Olympic Basketball Qualifiers.

    P.S. Baby Shaq looks good in Green!!

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