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  1. I love Tzorvas. He should be our starter. He was mobile and snared anything that came his way, and never botched it (see Nikopolidis at Euro 2008) when he came out. Also HELD the ball at key times... Italy had an early scoring chance, a shot from less than five meters out, and Tzorvas actually HELD the shot...! I was sure Italy would score there, but no. Good, tough Greek kid. He is 26 though and Otto needs to give him his chance now. In seven or eight years, you can't be so sure that he'll still be this good--or learn as quickly :LOL: Was nice to see that Gekas can score against the bigger international teams, rather than just be the guy who inflates his numbers with hat tricks against Malta, too :LOL: Just kidding, boys, I love Gekas. I have his name on my Greece home jersey, you know :gr: Props to Otto for playing a 4-3-3, I'm glad he played something more attack-oriented against a tough team like Italy. It was a big change from how we looked at Euro 2008--my Italian mate that I watched the game with even noticed that :tup: But I am also annoyed with Otto for waiting so long to bring on Ninis and Pliatsikas :tdown: Tziolis also proved to me today that he should take Basinas's spot in the lineup, no questions, starting now... Sorry for making so many comparisons to the last Euro, but in America with cable TV, I rarely get a chance to watch our NT. Basically, the only times I've been able to watch were the three games at Euro and this one.
  2. re dos'tous kialo, trekste, tempelides... :box: edit: caught my error.. green avatars, tricked me up :LOL: :LOL: @ me
  3. IMO kara should be the one taking those free kicks but what do I know about football, right should of taken off basinas I think.
  4. yiayia, 8elo na paiksoune ton karagouuuunissss!!!!! :gr:
  5. that is exactly right crazy (about being 0-1 down). for starters though I want to see a second half sub karagounis in --> basinas out. it would leave us a little weaker defensively but... can't get a whole lot worse than basinas, and at least kara will show heart.
  6. re leverkusen vale mas duo, tria gols :whistle:
  7. all due respect to patsa, this is not good :( but we should still win this match.
  8. Wow, I'm just seeing that set piece for the first time, and I have to say, I'm impressed. What class! What a creative way to take a set piece. That's something I would expect more from the likes of Spain... h e8nikh exei geinei enas alepos poneiros :P And what a strike from Katsouranis, a goal out of nothing. Nice to see Charisteas so composed on his two goals, as well. It can only help us, him coming back into form. With him and Gekas in form up front and someone to feed the ball we should have no problem winning every game in this group 3-0 :gr:
  9. I know it's early and that we're only five games into the season, but we're number 2 in Greece at the moment! :tup:
  10. http://en.euro2008.uefa.com/news/kind=1/ne...nd+their+notice Surprised me when I opened up the Euro 2008 website this morning, but I'm pleased to hear that Niko finally realized it is time to go... he will always be remembered for his performance in 2004. As for Antzas, I'm not quite sure why he is deciding to retire. Maybe he just doesn't feel like playing for the NT anymore? Both players are retiring from the national team only, I believe.
  11. Charisteas could have had at least two goals, and if Kotapolidis was still worth it... Honestly, I saw this coming. So did yiayia! I'm sick of Nikopolidis, pws na sou pw, einai geroksouras kai einai gia syntaksi. I have said that he is becoming more and more like the infamous Fabien Barthez (only worse) with every game, giving me a few heart attacks per match. If he hasn't proven that to the world with this match, and indeed the match against Sweden, then the world is very blind when it comes to football. Now, granted, I'm based in the United States, so Euro 2008 is the only time I've ever gotten to watch the national team play, but if this is how they played in the qualifying to reach this tournament--hell, if this is how they played in 2004--I'm very surprised that this side has been so successful. Watching today against Russia, I was pleased to see Otto going with the 4-3-3, my only complaints were that he did not start Gekas or Karagounis, and that Nikopolidis was still starting, but the rest of the Greek football world seems to think I'm crazy for saying Nikopolidis should be finished. I want to see Tzorvas against Spain! Then I watched more and I saw scoring chances that I could have put in, for goodness sake! Notably from Charisteas and Basinas. I saw our players botch passing plays that my high school teammates and I could have strung together. Honestly, is this world class football? I saw better play watching the Swiss and even the Austrians! The pitch was wide open today, at one point the commentators likened the match to a basketball game--and we continued to play the long balls and get nothing out of it besides a Russian counterattack right up our gkolo. This system needs to change. I know I sound pessimistic, but you can't deny the truths. Aite gia! Though I would obviously love to see Greece beat Spain, I hope Spain wins the tournament. I give Russia a 7 on the day, and our ethniki gets a 5. A message to the Greek team for the future: Get the younger players in there, let them develop, and change the team attitude from all-out defense to faster-paced, attacking football. It is a sad day when you see a team playing a 4-3-3 and using two quality wingbacks to support the attack not score a goal in 90 minutes, but that is testament to the fact that we need to teach our players how to play the ball on the ground more, and to make them better at it.
  12. Sweden, right out of the gate, appeared to want the win more. But it is easy for things to appear like that when you play a 5-4-1... ridiculous! If we had played for the entire game the way we played in the last 10 or 15 minutes this would have been a very different match. Also, I want to see a changing of the guard. Especially in the goal. This better be Nikopolidis's last tournament--he reminded me of Barthez the Frenchman too much today.
  13. Scotland beat France today 1-0 and I am wondering if they are for real. I have a Scottish friend and I would hate for Greece to play Scotland and lose (I would never hear the end of it), but the Scots are looking very good lately... :unsure:
  14. Malta scored in the 41 minute, first goal of the match, Turkey scored 4 minutes later. Malta scored again in the 76 minute but Turkey scored again in the 78. So actually Malta lead the game twice. And no red cards in the game. Malta has improved :o Scotland also beat Lithuania 3-1, they keep on winning and I am wondering if they are really as good as they seem... do you think they could beat the great GREECE?? I hope not!! :gr: :gr:
  15. We have to rebound from today's embarrassment and beat Malta. :box: We can't take anything for granted, Malta are heating up with a win and a draw in their last two qualifiers! We must also try to use guys like Gekas in place of Charisteas from the start! And I am not so sure about playing Fyssas either! Germanos, you are also in question... you showed today that you are unsure of who should be playing, making those subs after the 60th minute... that said, I would rather have a Greek coach! Finally, Nikopolidis, at least let the ball hit you for goodness sake! Sorry for the mini-rant, come on ELLAS :gr:
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