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  1. Dude our finding a coach has became a soap opera. Wow even Foskolos wouldnt have scripted it better. So far we have heard Valverde will sign now Perrin. Terim also too. I cant wait till we sign a coach cause this is a joke.

  2. If they do get rid of Lua Lua Malakes ine. Please get rid of Segura since he has come in no one respects him, the players have gone to the bouzoukia. He has lost all control of the team. Its funny how lua lua thought Lemonis was a good coach and now there getting rid of him.

  3. I agree with you on Giannakopoulos. I hope we dont sign him for the setimental reason. I just read on some sites that say that the coach could be known before the cup game. If we do get a good coach they need to make great transfers due to no well known coach will come to be dictated by a president on what players to buy.

  4. Dude i dont think Segura will be at olympiakos at all next year. He actually said no to Kokkalis to take over as coach. Smart man he would have got sacked. Do you think Olympiakos should get back Giannakopoulos?

  5. We have a more deadly centre Foward in Kova. I dont rate Postiga that much and also Manucho is playing well so he can go and play at Man Utd. Also Peseiro and Lemonis i would rate them the same cause they are too chicken to play attacking football.

  6. I said Lemoni would be sacked before christmas. If he gets a few bad results you see the pressure back on him. Also its good he was the coach to end our losing streak on away games in the CL but its just one game.

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