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  1. Great result for Greece of course. We are up against it w/ Argentina, although, if we play with the determination and desire and the willingness to leave it all on the field, we will get a result against Argentina. They have some of the most talented players in the world but they do not seem to be clicking in top gear. Play with confidence and the belief that we will win.....and we will win. Mono am an dhen ta xalasi o Otto. :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  2. That was brilliant! How right was he about all he said. Great stuff......why can't he be the manager?
  3. It's a real shame what happened today. But why are we all surprised at the lack of understanding among the coaching staff (mainly Otto)? His decisions have been sub par. The best Otto can do is let the players decide the line up. I didn't see a lack of passion with some players. It would be a shame if Karagounis, Katsoranis, Vytra, Charisteas and Seitaridis all played again. Wholesale changes need to be made. Otto needs to get his head out of his German ass and realize that this isn't Euro 04. WE ARE 6 YEARS ON! I hope we show some passion and at least score. Unfortunatly after watch
  4. OriginalAEK

    Has is occurred to anyone that maybe the players we have aren't sufficient and not the fault of Donis? Donis is a good coach. Let's make that clear. You need to remember that the team still has only one loss the on the season. The coach needs time to find the rhythm with it's players. This does not happen in week 10 or 12 of a season sometimes. Sometimes, it takes many weeks beyond that, perhaps a couple seasons. This is why Greek football is such a bordello. Give it a chance. If the team had no wins on the season then I would understand the reason behind getting rid of Donis. As fo
  5. Just about 6 hours away from kickoff. Can't wait for the kickoff....Let's have a good result today. It's the most important match of the tournament for us. OEEEEEE, ELLAS OLE OLLLLLEEEEEEEE :gr:
  6. You are correct. All the matches in the States will be televised on ESPN! No more Setenta that you have to deal with. :gr:
  7. I'll be in section 107, 5 strong! Can't wait. Hopefully it's close to a full squad
  8. Are there gonna be any organized sections for AEK supporters? That would be wonderful it were to happen. I'll be there, plus 4 maybe! AEKAPA!!
  9. 2004 it was Zidane and Henry.....2005, the victims will be Parker and Pietrus. OEEE, ELLAS OLE OLLEEE!! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  10. Be careful of Larisa!!!!! They have a fantastic squad and will probably make Europe this year. 1-1 result.
  11. Having cousins in Larissa and telling me about the squad, I think they will surprise many folks. I think they well do very well this season.
  12. Good analysis and I agree with what you say. I've been saying even since I watched the Euro that Tsiartas and Vryzas are a waste. There is no reason why we can't bring in some kids to play on the squad like a Gekkas or even Choutos or even Amanatidis. They have some scoring ability....much better than Vryzas. And Tsiartas has been done for more than 2 years now. No reason he should even be considered even for the bench.
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