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  1. Thanks for your reply, Im going to keep looking for my letter. Have a great New Year!
  2. The truck did have a Dish Network sign on it, or at least a magnet from what I remember. The charge for the box was waved with a two year commitment. The service charge was supposed to be free but it wasnt. I just got off the phone with them again and they said that everybody will be charged to does the reconfiguration. From the people that I have talked too who have had this service, the charge is not true.
  3. Yes, They changed out my dish and updated my box. The box was $50 but they gave me a $50 refund. The $95 was just for the technician. They told me that I had to pay because its a cost needed to support this type of programing. Then they hit me with the $6 per month offer. I called ANT1 this morning and they told me that they were not aware of this charge and they will look into it.
  4. Hello everybody I recently had a technician come out to reconfigure my Dish Network hardware so I can be on the new satellite and continue to receive my Greek channels. I was told that this service call was free when I scheduled the service but now Im being charged $95. The customer service agent said that they would waive the fee if I agreed to a $6 per month protection plan which is truly unethical. I was wondering if the letter that was sent out in July from Dish Network asking everybody to change to the new satellite mentions a service charge. Also, I was wondering if anybody still
  5. Ttentelh, Could you please post a full channel line-up for Ella's TV? By package would be best. Thanks!
  6. Yes, now I remember....Who dares to say that EllasTv has Nova! !!!
  7. All these channels sound great but, how are you able to watch Nova? I thought it was made clear that Nova was not part of the channel line up.
  8. Im sure that this includes the free viewing timeframe that was given to all Dish Network subscribers. Still great to see.
  9. I think it’s interesting that they are a Comcast Authorized Dealer since Comcast led the way towards data usage caps. I was going to put this post in the IPTV slot but here I go anyway. I talked to Netflix and MLB.tv to get an idea on how much data Ellas tv and other similar IPTV add-ons use. I was told that SD streams are around 1Gig per hour and HD streams can reach 2.3 Gigs per hour. This means that if you watch 3 hours of SD on Ellas tv per day and catch 2 soccer games in HD during the week, you have already used up 52% of your allocated bandwidth for upper tier packages and 87% for
  10. Home2us is now showing ERT World as part of its channel lineup. http://home2us.com/b2c/b2c
  11. As an ATT Uverse subscriber, I have been notified of what could be the end of “add-on” IPTV that will affect Ellas Tv and others who use similar technology to broadcast their programming. What I mean by “add on” IPTV is that it’s a device that you connect to your current service provider that uses data. I would be limited to 250Gb per month and my parents, as DSL users would be limited to only 150Gb per month. Im not sure how much data would be used to watch a 2 hour soccer game on HD but if I want to continue to watch additional programming, download some movies, maybe do some online gamin
  12. Well, I would like to be the first to predict that the Mega channel move is all an April fools’ joke. Let it be noted, OSFP18 on March 28th 8:28 cst.
  13. For Mega to be successful in North America they need to go where the Greeks are, and right now the Greeks are with Dish Network. The main and most important feature that Dish Network provides is Greek League Soccer and as long as Dish Network controls the soccer, it will control the demographic. Even with combined powerhouses like Mega, Alpha, Alter going to a super reputable provider such as Direct Tv, they still could not pull in enough Greek housewives to convince their husbands to switch over. And we all know how convincing Greek moms can be…… Honestly, the Greek man controls the tv in
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