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  1. No one can ever fully understand Vyntra's actions (or why Panathinaikos did not transfer him for a good price when a German club came knocking a few years ago.) And when the cross came in, Tzorvas did not move. But the defense was living dangerously, and if OB had better finishers the scoreline might have been different. And I thought Ninis and Petropoulos were even less useful than Vyntra...
  2. I did not see the friendly against Atromitos today, but I am reading the universally critical assessments of how Panathinaikos played - the team has a week to get it together.... fingers crossed!
  3. Yes, Odense have come 2nd to FC Copenhagen the past three years and Copenhagen trounced us last year so I can not understand the optimism apparent in the Greek press. I just watched us on NOVA v. FC Koln and our offense was weak, with Petropoulos unable to capitalize on Karagounis' crosses. The coach is good, but he has his work cut out for him over the next ten days...
  4. Sorry for the belated response: http://www.greekworks.com/bookstore/
  5. Here is the "Panatha USA" info (nb Astoria and Long Island City are basically the same neighborhood) Contact Panatha: Panatha USA 21-03 44th Ave Long Island City New York NY 11101 718.707.3608 If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]
  6. The pitch invasion by a few angry fans at the end of the match v. Olympiakos Volos was yet another example of how the fanatical fan base has degenerated, but I must admit I smiled when I read a comment that at least someone made it into the Volos penalty box (
  7. There is no serious strategy about signing players! Read Kuper and Szymanski's "Soccernomics" book esp. the section of the buying and selling policies of Olympique Lyonais pp 64-73 (inc. buying young players) and you see how backward and short-sighted (make a splash & get people to buy season tickets) Panathinaikos' transfer tactics are -- one could produce a hall of fame of plus 30 year olds who were a total bust, beginning with Aljosa Asanovic...
  8. I am disappointed by the tone of the post-game interviews and what it says about how the team sees itself = Antoniou said he was happy with the effort, Nioblias was in his usual low to catatonic - key "oh well" mode, even tough guy Pateras was conciliatory. And I thought we were Greece's "ambassadors" in Europe...
  9. Hello, the book was reviews in the Kathimerini Sunday edition of October 10th, here is the link: http://news.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articl.../10/2010_417931
  10. From the NYTimes website: South Americans Take Charge in Champions League By ROB HUGHES LONDON — The Champions League belongs to Europe, but those South Americans are everywhere. A week ago, Argentina lured Spain
  11. Good point about the conditioning. I recognize Barca played a great game even by their high standards, and obviously we do not have the firepower/skills to match them, but a little more effort and focus could have saved us from the embarassing scoreline. Did anyone watch on MEGA? Sotirakopoulos is my favorite commentator, Menios Sakellaropoulos a green cheerleader but they both basically spend the whole game admiring Barcelona...
  12. BS in Greek sport? Could not agree more! But it is still interesting trying to figure it out. Here is an interesting comment on Constantopoulos by a serious Greek journalist, though I fear it has been translated not very well from Greek: Crossing boundaries By Nikos Xydakis The appointment of Nikos Constantopoulos as the new president of Panathinaikos soccer club came as a big surprise. An ex-leader of left-wing Synaspismos, a former deputy, renowned criminologist, member of the resistance movement during the 1967-74 military dictatorship and an emblematic figure of the socialist left in the post-junta period, Constantopoulos is one of the last people you would expect to see at the helm of a Greek soccer club. Perhaps that
  13. Adoni, The book has just recently arrived in Athens and is or will very soon be available at Eleftheroudakis
  14. There are 11 chapters in which the history is treated chronologically, there is a separate chapter on Wembley which is the 8th, so that gives you an idea. If you are interested, here is a review of the book that appeared in To Vima tis Kyriakis: http://www.tovima.gr/default.asp?pid=2&art...6&dt=11/07/2010
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