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  1. Yes they still show Efialths stnv Kouzina. In Greece it airs Thursdays at 10 pm local Greek time. You would have to check your listings when Alpha becomes official on zapit to it.
  2. Hopefully the clowns on OTN will realize and make some positive change. But I wonder who wrote the article :LOL:
  3. We in NA do also but nobody is going to buy C band just to watch ERT for free.
  4. So how come ERT Sat cost only 5$ a month they do exactly the same thing as Antenna?
  5. In Canada "Odyssey" aka Antenna Canada charges 14.95 a month by all major satellite and cable companies
  6. Who need channels anymore when you can go to Greek torrents sites and watch them at your convenience. I download a lot of Greek series from mega antenna alpha. Believe it or not I wish they had the commercials :D
  7. I loved coming to this forum to get the latest breaking news about the Greek sports media. Unfortunately like most Greek forums the mods and administrator tolerate all sorts of situations to get out of hand . Instead of having a good debate or giving constructive criticism, like all nice Greeks do is we insult each other like 2 year old. Ah well.... A Greek is a Greek is a Greek. DK Sat I hope you do come back, it was a pleasure reading your posts :tup: (cryptic or not ), if not happy trail :angry:
  8. I hope all the channels do come back to Dish. I never thought Greek people would go for the let's get 2 dishes combo. As for the popularity of Ert Sat and Antenna as long as their is sports(ie soccer basket) on those channels. People will stick to them
  9. If it's any good Setanta usa is available FTA on Echostar 9 Galaxy 23 at 121 west Maybe some of the bars with Cband dishes will have it .
  10. This Brittish channel caters to an Anglo crowd all the irish scots and bits would cause a revolution is they didn't show England. I hate the channel I am never ever going to subscribe to it. can't wait for the game on April 1 on the score channel.
  11. Very good for Goal Tv but what about Greece? I guess were are still stuck with sentcrapa sports :tdown:
  12. Hellashab, It doesn't make sense how come this apateona has legally the right to own and use dishnetwork and we don't. If we get caught we will be fined. I am starting to understand that maniatakos is a greedy pig who is collecting his 20$ plus add revenues from his commercials and has little expenses to show for. Him and his cronies are making a killing especially on ert world
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