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  1. Cyberfish: I remember Salpi at PAOK where he did wonders playing the wing. I think he could be just as effective on the wing as up front. I agree however that he needs a striker next to him and that is where Lazos comes in. Lazos can play up front as well as behind the strikers (similar to Liberopoulos). I still hope to sign Pablito though. Love that guy. :tup: :tup: :tup:
  2. I do not agree about the lack of strikers.I personally rate Salpi higher than anyone else in the league. On top of that, I believe that a 4-3-3 formation with Clayton and Salpi on the wings and Lazos up front could do wonders for this team. Pap (the one we saw in the playoffs) could back up the wings and Ndoye could be a back up for Lazos. That makes it 5 strikers. I agree that our midfield is very competitive with at least 2 quality players in each position. Especially now that Mozart and hopefully Mattos are staying. Add to that a Ninis that can be regarded as a summer transfer considering
  3. Hi guys, I have not posted here since two years back but here I am again. Just heard on the news and read at multiple sites that Lazaros has agreed to a four-year contract with PAO. Good news as he is one of the hottest talents of Greek football. As long as the coach can work on developing that talent into something big (I think that Ten Kate can manage to do just that). As far as Pellerano is concerned for those that do not know him, he has played three full seasons as a starter for Velez (the team that won the apertura in 2005) and was in Argentina pre Copa America selection only to g
  4. 0-0 FT. Result may not be as good as we hoped for, however compined with the goalles draw in Boleslav (Mlada - PSG 0-0), PAO is the winner of the group regardless of what happens in the final match :tup: :tup: :tup:
  5. When the CL draw was made, everybody talked about how this was the big chance Oly had to finally qualify for the next stage having avoided the european powerhouses. Everybody talked about how having Valencia from group one as oppoosed to Chelsea, Barca, Real, Milan, Man U, Arsenal, and Bayer was a blessing.I even found this quote from you when the draw was made: "GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT DRAW for our club. This looks fantastic, we really have the chance to win this group I think. Matter of fact I also believe that this is a WIDE OPEN group... Finally our chances are looking better in Europe
  6. That is correct Hollywood,1st team plays 3rd and 2nd plays the 3rd from CK groups. I agree that it is of paramount importance that we beat Bucarest in two weeks to secure first place,
  7. It was Andric with a rocket against Celta Vigo
  8. Any thoughts and ideas? Given the fact that we have won our last four games with 1-0 (Iraklis, Mlada, Oly, and Thrasyvoulos), it is time to change that habit and win 2-0. I see defence keeping a clean sheet for the fifth consecutive game. Salpi and hopefully Victor the goals.
  9. Maybe it is just me, but it looked like Papadopoulos reacted ugly towards Munoz during his substitution. He looked irritated at first when he saw the sign of substitution and when he left the pitch it looked like he said something to the coach. I think that being the team captain, he should be a role model (which he was by playing although he was in pain), but this reaction took me by surprise. Anyone else notice?
  10. It is finally over!!!!! :nw: :nw: :nw: Victor Munoz has agreed with Tzigger to take over the team. The contract is expected to be 1+1 years for 700 000 euro. I guess Tzigger wants to see how things turn out until the summer and then get Bajevic if Munoz does not cut it. Sportime.gr
  11. Latest rumours come from England: "
  12. According to Spanish media, the "other coach" that Tzigger will be meeting today before finalising his decision is Victor Munoz , coach at Villareal 2000-2003 followed by Zaragoza 2004-1006 (winning the copa del rey last year). I still prefer Antic. He is what we need right now.
  13. I would like to see him with Milinko Pantic as assistant. That would help him get into the greek mentality faster.
  14. I was watching "opios anteksi" on Supersport just now and heard that Radomir Antic arrived in Athens tonight. Nothing else was said, but it seems that he will be the one to take over as coach.
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