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  1. Nothing to add to dark_horses post!Nevertheless, losing a final in such a weird way hurts a lot. We received one of the most silly goals I've ever whitnessed. The spanish side has been rather poor, but we have not been good enough to beat them. However, FORZA HELLAS! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  2. Thx! Your word in god's/satan's ear! :D After winning the title, you'll read me again... (yeah, I am quite an optimist today ;)). :gr:
  3. If I'm not too drunk or mesmerized by happiness or anger, I'll write a few lines after returning home. B) This European Championship offers the interesting possibility to attend the "Gugl" (the stadium in Linz) again, after many years I've not been there, because my favourite Austrian team has always been Austria Salzburg. Nevertheless, Linz seems to increase it's relevance when it comes to football in Austria. @Ziaka: I'd love to chant for PAOK youngsters, but unfortunately not too many of them are on the roster. :blink: However, have a few drinks on our guys today!
  4. Of course I will! Obviously, I seem to be some kind of talisman for our team: The first match & the one vs. Germany have been won. With me watching the games in the stadium. Against the Germans, the Greek team has been very well liked by the Austrian audience. Probably, most Austrians will chant for "us" today. :) :gr:
  5. I'll watch the match today. Fortunately, Linz is just 25 km away from my place. Hope, we're going to be the European Champs once again! Hell yeah! :box: :gr:
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