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  1. as far as i know his parents are albanians, born and raised in Albania.
  2. Alban_Bushi

    Ayia Napa

    How is Arjan Sheta playing there? Anyone know?
  3. he was born in Albania, and lived there for couple of years.But what matters is what he feels like, Albanian or Greek.
  4. He'll be called up just to get a cap since Albania is calling him up too. And he's eligible for both countries for now.
  5. How is he playing with Aris. I've noticed that he has been a starter recently in every game.
  6. he used to play for Rosenborg. They say he's good. Was also called up form Albanian NT for a friendly
  7. i read that he'll be loaned out to Panionios. Anyway Olypmiakos ahsnt signed him yet, just talks
  8. Pirro Dhima started his career in albania, trained there and became a star. Albania spend money to make him a star. So its the right thing for him to compete for Albania, as is the right thing for Nini to play for Greece.I don't really expect anyone that is born outside Albania to compete for Albania. Im taking the attitude too far? or your comment on me opening an account? If im going against the forum rules, then the admin is welcome to delete my account. If not then I dont see a reason why they should delete it.
  9. He is an albanian immigrant in greece, but he is a product of greek football. I never said he should play for Albania, actually the right thing to do is play for Greece, because they're the ones that spend time and money to make him a football player
  10. a norwegian website was saying that he moved to Olympiacos from Rosenborg and will be loaned out to Panionios
  11. I'm sorry, i didn't read the list of allowed reasons to open an account here.
  12. at the panathinaikos website says he's borb in albania but has a greek nationality. I also read today that Albania U-21 called him up. So it looked strange
  13. He's not a B grade player, he's just a youngster that at 18 years old playd a couple of games at Rosenbog. I doubt we'll wee him in the first team of Olympiacos
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