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  1. You can view the SKAI program on a TV set if you download the SKAI App for the App Store and connect your iOS device iPhone, iPad or iPod with the Apple composite or component AV cable to the TV set. I’ve tried it and the quality is excellent!!! Μπορείς να δεις το πρόγραμμα του SKAI σε συσκευ
  2. What is also disappeared from their site (www.greekmediagroup.us/GMG/contact.html) is Dumas (!!!) who was supposed to lead the company... Does anyone know what is going on? Who is in charge now?As for DirecTV shutting down greek channels: check my November post http://clubs.phantis.com/sports/index.php?...50entry209321
  3. Just received this email from a afriend moving to US, who contacted DitrecTV customer care:Subject --------------------------------------------------------------- Greek programme Discussion Thread --------------------------------------------------------------- Response (Lorrie J. - 100198317) - 12/03/2010 12:39 PM Dear Mr. Tatsikas, Thanks for writing and I understand your concern about Greek programming. I checked my resources and found that we no longer offer Greek programming. However, we continue expanding out international programming to channels from all around the world. Since
  4. ERTWORLD will remain exclusive on Dish Network. Case closed for DirecTV.Sorry, DKsat
  5. It's already more than a month and still no ERT on Dtv. It seems that Dish does not consent... What do you think DKsat?
  6. Medea, nobody watches football games on tape delay because he knows the result - unless it is a big triumph (see Euro 2004). Talking about Euro 2004, Mega payed lots of money to acquire the rights for the National Soccer Team for the Euro 2008 qualification round. They could easily extend the rights fot some more thousand viewers in US. But they just don't care about Cosmos... Antenna got the rights for AEK and PAOK not for Greece but only for the Satellite program. ERT got the rights of all sports (except CL) both for Greece and World program. Mega got the rights for National Team but ONLY fo
  7. Looks like Grk is passing and Media is scoring and vice versa...Maybe they are good friends. From Mega the only thing is really good to watch is "Para 5". All the rest is Big and Uninteresting Luxurious but Light Series, mainly for Handicapped and Idiot TV viewers
  8. Hi Kolosse, Does Alpha include soccer games in their program in Australia?
  9. Don't get upset November 117, after all it 's only television.... ;)
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