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  1. oh i c....i thought stoltidis refused to play for the ethniki in 06-07 and was banned for 3 superleague matches as punishment....I like stoltidis (from what i have seen) even though he is red
  2. yea i never got why he was there, i mean that OG last week was the icing on the cake.... but arent there (or recently inn the last 5-10 years) players who are amazing that arent played in the NT because of a) money disputes, B) they told otto to go F*** himself (was that Tsiartas?) and or they are just never picked due to political reasons... i mean wasnt there a guy zikos who kicked ass and never played for the ethniki?? and wasnt eleftheropoulos a starting keeper at AC for a while and never put ahead of george clooney?? i mean i could be wrong im relativly new to the ethniki (yes i converted after the euro04 but i followed from 03!!!) but my greek teacher always said there were better Greek players that never played for the ethniki....man tsiartas has balls for telling otto to F*** himself...but i guess otto won that battle
  3. yet that player has NO euro or WC medal !!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahhaa england will NEVER win again hahahahahahaha BASINAS ETHNIC HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, BEAUTIFUL CROSS TO CHARASTEA TO WIN IT I MIGHT ADD I love how everyone one hates greek football after we won the euro in 04
  4. these are all completly ludacris!!! FIFA is a joke
  5. BMX and Surfing are more of an olympic sport than most as it is won by the fastest competitor, like the running. Events may prove athleticsm and stregnth but if you go on the ancient way then BMX is more olympic than...gymnastics, diving, horse riding (in most cases) all team sports, shooting etc was it not, FASTEST STRONGEST FARTHEST that determind a sports "olympic-ness" anyway who cares, my vote is for poll dancing in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a sure bronze for Greece
  6. I have to agree with the above, the olympics has become too dominated by money!!!! and greedy corperate filth that waste millions and billions on advertising!!!!! it has become a corperate circus and the true meaning was lost about 2100 years ago....I think that the olympics should remove the medals (well at least the bronze and silver), make it be about the honour of competing and not for a "prize". people now are too consumed with winning medals than anything, a good example would be NZ rower mahe drisdale who literally had the shits (beijing belly) when he competed in the final and got bronze he said "im up set i didnt get the gold" ffs mate you had the shits!!!! f*** if i had been spewing and shitting my guts out and won bronze i would be a happy camper.. i dont think I 'll watch the london games, im sure by 2012 i wont be able to afford a TV hahahaha
  7. no offence to any yanks here but the batton relay dropping fiasco was hilarious, that is what the olympics is all about. Seeing people who have trained for 4 years day and night to completely screw it up in 0.1 seconds of stupidity. Brain melt of the year would go to the USA women though, after seeing the men cock up in the PRELIMINARIES!!!!!! how could they mess it up too??? I bet the jamacan chicks did it on purpose so their USA friends didnt feel so bad, i mean they absolutely slaughtered them in the actual 100m race.... anyway i agree good ridance.....
  8. well my friends, NZ has 9 medals......just saying we/they only got 4.1 million people. last olympics the Greek team would have been in a prime spot to win medals, i mean they do live in the host country. this time less atheletes, less chance. How Ironic the country who invented the damn thing are the ones who lead the doping table......
  9. do any atheletes think of maybe NOT taking drugs,,,,just a thought
  10. add another bronze to NZ's tally, now we have 7. I just saw douvalidis came 4th in his 2nd round hurdels heat just beaten by the chinese guy (not the famous one of course)
  11. NZ has atm 6 medals......2 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronze.... just saying greece better get their arses into gear so my friends dont make fun of our lack of medals at the olympics....
  12. thanks i was kind of taking the piss though, i figured it was somthing to do with "football" in the states.
  13. bollocks to that, i got the times mixed up. AEK sucks at football and Basket "re file" and as you said we are still the kings of europe
  14. oloi malakes einai oi paixtes sto NBA re dark horse, european basketball is the best in the world and always will be i think tip off is 0300 or 0330 12th october GR cant find a TV station yet
  15. for the love of god what time GR and is espn showing it!!!!!!!!!! PAO by 20 points, we are the kings of BBall now
  16. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa these are bullshit
  17. yea i would these rankings mean nothing, any team low ranked team can beat a high ranked one on their day. FOR FUKS SAKE AUSTRAILIA beat us that doesnt mean they're better than us :blink: .
  18. probably racist reasons :angry:, these rankings are complete bullshit :tup:
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