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  1. Hetemaj? I believe so. I read somehwere that he's a centre attacking midfielder that can also play on the right side.
  2. He reportedly agreed to a four-year deal worth around ?800,000 (
  3. I agree with you on that, that's where a transfer might come in. Even if we do sign someone in that position, i still feel that kiriakidis should at least be given a good amount of time in the A'Ethniki. More than his 3 games last season. At least 15 appearances. If he's given time, he could turn into our next top midfielder.
  4. Actually, that's not true. We still have Emerson who can fill that position. I also think it's time to let Kiriakidis get a chance.As for Kats, it's dissapointing to see him go, but it's the best for his career.
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