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    I dont think this was a life or death game. Playing with 9 men 70 minutes,the final result is more scandalous than realistic. :ph34r:
  2. Any possibility to see this channel out of greece? I know this channel is pay per wiew but i read that some students see it in england. Regards.
  3. GuS

    Toumba Stadium

    It,a great and hot stadium,although in my opinion,it would be perfect within the atletics trails. B) I think the new face after renovation works will not so different or not?
  4. Hi,Ziaka!! Do you know where we can see the ERT SAT programm,lately the web site dont see it. And the match Aris-iraklis(cup) will be shown finally? Regards.
  5. Mmm,the great derby has come. After the riots of sunday and the most probably hard punishment to Aris,none would give an euro for the yellow team,but. . . could be a double edge arm. So,i will wait a few days to give my prediction B)
  6. GuS

    Aris-Peristeri .

    81-78 win(18-22,50-35,63-60). ;) It is appears the team is recovering the winning line. Tomorrow a crucial game in the FEL against Bc Kyiv. Kommatos : 19p,8rb. Bailey : 13p. Vetoulas :13p. Stack : 11p,6rb.
  7. it is a difficult match,althoug chalkidona only won the game against aris in the last minutes,i think you will win there,1-2 in my opinion.
  8. GuS

    Aris- Honka playboys.

    Victory by 37 points!! :D (97-60).(20-14,48-33,72-47) Kommatos : 19 p. Raitsevits : 15 p. Stack : 14p,6 r. Nikkila : 12p,5r. Bailey : 11p. Likholitov : 8p,7r
  9. GuS

    Another black week

    Losses in champions Cup with Polonia Warbud (90-75,playing within kommatos,likholitov. . . i dont understand). Hoewer i am optimisc in this competition. In the league lose with PAOK(73-57). But in the second leg of the competition we will receive all the tops team except OSPF. Aris will finish the regular period in a good position,i think. :rolleyes:
  10. GuS


    Failed my prediction by 5 minutes. Black week by Aris club and fans,losing in basketball(league and champions cup)and football(elimination UEFA cup and league). :(
  11. 2-0,I dont believe you have many problems to win the match. B)
  12. Return to league with a difficult match. One point away would be an exit,Chalkidona 13/18 points at home,Aris 2/15 1-0 or 1-1.
  13. GuS


    http://www.spornet.gr-ReportImages-63674C.jpg B)
  14. GuS


    Thanks,s second mouse !!!!. Regards. :)
  15. :whistle: PAO-PAOK : 1-0. I dont see you winning in the away great games this year.
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