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  1. I must have touched a sensitive chord here. You pushed the other fellow and now you are in control. Either do your job, or close chop. Period. Most of the schedules are wrong and I personally have corrected them a couple of times ( yes it was part of my 77 posts). So take a hike and kiss my &^%$# M.
  2. It seems to me that who ever is responsible for posting the soccer schedules of the Greek Super league, Greek Cup and Greek national team is not doing his job. Last weekend the schedules for US were missing. This week Greek cup schedules have not been posted for any continent. Since Ziaka's departure the whole thing has gone downhill. In addition to the lack of up to date schedules, very few , if any, new topics are posted and posting in general has declined substantially. You might as well close shop and stop pretending that you have a live board. M.
  3. So you like watching olympiakos basketball games?Are you a masochist? Ante mono 18 pontoi.
  4. I visited the site today and the greek schedule is completely wrong, they list AEK and Panathinaikos as plying on Sat. , while in fact both play on Sunday.
  5. The posted schedule is wrong again ( it was wrong last week as well). I know that Ziaka is gone, but whoever has the responsibility of posting the schedules, should check and double check and do it write, just once. Here is the correct schedule again.
  6. Correction. Actually you list it on Saturday at 19:00 Greek time
  7. I believe the Pao-Kalamaria game is scheduled for Sunday at 16:45 Greek time and not as listed in your schedule, on Sunday at 19:00 Greek time. Mixalis
  8. Anybody knows which Greek TV station ( in Greece) is going to show this game? M.
  9. In order to watch both Antenna and Mega you need to subscribe to two different Satellite TV providers ( Direct TV and DISH Network). That means 4 dishes! Two for each. M.
  10. Anybody knows which Greek TV station is showing the first game? I know Mega is going to show the second. M>
  11. Which channel is showing these games in Greece? Will they be shown in the US? M>
  12. Is Jumptv better ( speedwise) than Uefa.com?Anybody has any experience to comment? Michael
  13. Yeah, but their site still lists the game as starting at 1:30 PM eastern time, when in fact it starts at 2:30 PM ( kick-off at 2:45).I wrote them , but guess what? No reply. M.
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