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  1. the u19 team beat russia 3-1. pavlis and papadopoulos on the scoresheet. greece go thorugh to the euro finals as the game moldavia and netherlands ended in a goalless draw.
  2. they beat the netherlands today with 2-1. matsoukas scored the 1-0 lead. the dutch equalised 2 minutes before the final whistle. but superstar ninis sealed the game with a penalty in the 90.th minute .
  3. i have to say mitroglou doesnt impress me at all. being a greek from germany he does have a certain bonus from me but if i look at his play... i thought he sucked at the u-19 tournament and at olympiakos he isnt that great either. even today i saw great deficits. BUT he does score goals. although today he had more luck than anything..given how clumsily he gave away 100% chances...just not a fan of him. as for samaras best striker in greece...maybe i exagerated but i do believe him to offer a bit more than lympe, who i am a big fan of, salpi, papadopoulos, and co. choutos i do rate very highly.
  4. dude, i agree with much of your post but lets not go overboard here. mitroglou offers not very much at the moment. he is totally overated. samaras is much much better. if he would play in greece he' d be one of the better strikers there if not the best. he has great technique and he is not thaaaaat slow either. what he lacks is the passion and the killer instinct. i agree he is too soft. somehow he starts to remind me of lympe. in the positive but also in the negative sense.
  5. but thats probably the one they mean. seems aek and pao are also interested as always. apparently monaco and rangers had their eyes on him as well. never trust the rumours though...
  6. i may be wrong but wasnt bangura the kid from cyprus that attracted interest from top clubs after a great season but then sort of vanished.
  7. samaras scored a nice header vs hibs coming on as a sub marking the final score 0-2.
  8. aek66, would you say it was a mistake by ferrer to waive moras in the offseason and bring in ascarate as his replacement? would you say alves is better than moras? i know this is some armchair quarterback hindsight... i wasnt in favour of letting go of moras and tziortzopoulos. maybe thats another reason ferrer got sacked. he robbed the team of any depth. just one lb and no rb? its always easy to judge in hindsight though...
  9. samaras scored the fifth goal in celtics cup game vs a rather weak kilmarnock side. came on late as a sub and did look good in the game, had some nice scenes and the goal was a nice one. lets see how this develops.
  10. you guys shouldnt mix club and country. if samaras plays well on the ethniki i couldnt care less if he doesnt have a team at all. charisteas scored crucial goals coming off a garbage season at werder and being #4 striker there. he will be all the more motivated. dont forget his pass was half of amantidis goal in turkey. whoi cares for premier league football in comparison to that?
  11. he might wait all season... in dont care where he plays or if he plays to be honest, charisteas scored crucial goals for greece withvery few starts for bremen.
  12. leverkusen doesnt seem as pleased with their best scorer this season for whatever reasons: http://www.sport-fm.gr/article.jsp?id=114087
  13. gekas is having an extremely hard time at leverkusen. with the coach skibbe and the tech. director voeller criticizing him quite harshly in public. they believe he doesnt work enough for the team and has to improve his game. he did sit on the bench alot the last few matches. lets see what happens tomorrow. i believe he still is leverkusen best scorer this season but they dont really respect him for that.
  14. its somewhat like you say aek66. moras would have been only a backup player at aek AND ferrer wanted to save the moras salary. now in moras place aek field azcarate who earns significantly less than moras.
  15. well. charisteas did nothing at werder the season before the euro. he was their no. 4 striker. BUT he scored the vital goals in the EURO. if samaras does the same i can live with him not playing for city...
  16. well samaras has a different opinion: http://www.sportime.gr/football_inside.asp...rticle_id=57230 :blink: i don t know maybe he likes the city...
  17. its easy in hindsight. one year ago no one would have paid 3.5 millions for gekas. no one expected gekas to score in double digits in germany and with bochum. if pao would have demanded 1 million for gekas in the summer of 06, bochum wouldnt have taken him. pao wanted to get rid of gekas at any cost. 99% of this forum thought gekas was garbage. now the pao owners are the only ones that look stupid... aek sold katsouranis for 2,5 millions. now he would cost some 8 millions. if aek would have demanded 8 millions, katsouranis would stay in greece all his life. sadly, this is the way the market works. as for the pao owners being tight-fisted. thats just plain wrong. look at paos transfers over the years and olympiakos transfers. who had the more expensive transfers this season? last season? look at what pao paid for konstantinou, pao outbided olympiakos for salpi. konstantinou and nikopolidis now earn less than at pao, etc. but rumour has it paos owners are not spending. think first...
  18. samaras plays a really horrible season BUT still at the end of the day he is citys best striker and alongside barton has the most scorerpoints with 6 goals and 6 assists. doesnt really speak for the rest of the team does it? http://soccernet.espn.go.com/team/squad?id...&view=1&cc=5739 if samaras leaves city, i believe he could do better. but to be honest, this season he hasnt shown his worth. still citys most productive player...ts ts...
  19. its not about belief. its a fact, paok are not involved in any way.
  20. where do you get this nonsense from???paok is not involved in anything concerning gekas.
  21. to clear things up: paok has no rights or say on gekas! what you say about 40% never happened! pao loaned him to bochum who can buy him for 400.000 €. if bochum fails to remain in the first league, gekas will move elsewhere. pao wont put stones in his way, thats for sure. gekas has a good run. the problem with the ethniki remains though that he s just not a winger. as long as we play 4-3-3 i dont see gekas making a real impact because otto will use him on the right offensive wing.
  22. i dont want to go on endlessly but if you happen to bring up lympe and say that samaras is stopping the better lympe, then i have to strongly disagree.lympe is probably the epitome of the lazy and blowing his talent footballer. here we have a player who in younger years seemed to be THE greek player but if we are honest never achieved anything. no title, no european recognition ever, nothing. at the moment lympe is in catastrophic form. on his day he is superb but how often does he deliver this form? very seldom. remember his no-show against the danes, i can t remember him touching the ball AND i never posted this because at heart i am a lympe fan, his poor defense allowed his man to be open and to score for denmark after the corner. besides the fact that lympe often vanishes totally in games, he is also very very slow. this is the big plus on behalf of samaras, you can say what you want but he is quick. in terms of talent and technique, i would say samaras and lympe may be very similar. so samaras starting instead of lympe is not a real problem.
  23. its o.k. to differ on opinions, ethnikistis, and if you tell me you prefer salpi over samaras i wont disagree with you because salpi at the moment is in grat form!BUT your ratings for the norway game were ridiculous. you gave samaras the same rating as charisteas, who did nothing. according to your ratings amanatidis was better than samaras in the game. aek66 was giving samaras a 7.5 which was the highest rating on our team. he refrained because samaras was booked. as much as you want to downplay the norway game and samaras goals and assists, i tell you once again salpi and amanatidis in their whole ethniki career have not shown half of samaras "amazing norway run"! if you talk about salpi being great and very good in his few showings for the ethniki, i dont agree. what did salpi show against australia? what did he produce? at the end of the day nothing, i mean lagos even had a great shot on goal. i agree that salpi is a great player for our ethniki but until today with the ethniki he hasnt produced. what did he show against england other than that he was afraid at this level... dont get me wrong, samaras was horrible in australia and england and salpi on the ethniki is something i would love to see but you are overhyping salpi. he has not shown anything in the galanolevko up to date. i wont even discuss amanatidis, who is a total no-show nearly every time he plays. for me samaras is much better than amanatidis. whatever you believe to see in amanatidis was never shown at ethniki level. not even glimpses... samaras may suck at man city for whatever reason. that doesnt make him a weak player though. charisteas did nothing at bremen and won us the euro..i agrree 100% that samaras has to step his game up drastically but on the ethniki when it counted he produced. you can t argue about that. if he would play in greece, i would believe him to make a lympe-type career!
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