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  1. Do you know what GLB is?

    They have a nice section of how their forums are run.


    Or yahoo Fantasy baseball forum. THere are options to find similar threads before you post yours.

    Similar to the posts since the last visit and a good search option.

    I just find it silly to have a discussion on Olympiakos-AEK in the Olympiakos forum and the same one in the AEK forum

    If you go to the main FAQ section you will see what I mean.

    I like the threads here. Just a thought.

    Maybe silly

  2. I was thinking of a way that might be nice to see the whole Greek Soccer Forum.

    Have posts in lists. For example


    By clicking on any of these headings you could be able to reorganize what time of thread you want, but more importantly you can simply see all the action instead of navigating. Unfortunately the forum is slowing down and I would like to see more action here. I am no expert and maybe this suggestion is silly or not possible.

    Just my 2 cents worth

  3. He should be fined for his outburst against the referee. These actions need to stop. Now mane referees will be scared of making such calls in fear of what might happen. I have a feeling the even Kolina (sp) would be criticized in Greece.


    I did not like the call, but whatever, it was made.

    File a complaint in private and try to improve the refereeing.

  4. Crazy,

    I did not know about point #1......I hope it continues if that is the case.

    As far as not playing the players up to the media..... THANK THE LORD...... I'm tired of owners and players promising things so the fans can like them.

    I actually like a lot of the things Marinakis has done......I just want to see a bigger Greek influence on the team.

    I know Vallas and he was made guarantees from Kokallis that were never panned out. From the sounds of it, Marinakis makes no guarantees. He holds people accountable.

  5. Thrylos dont see the glass half empty just yet. ;) :D Keep the faith brother.

    You got a point.

    It is just that I've been let down so many times and the whole state of Greek soccer frustrates me with all these mediocre foreigners getting playing time ahead of mediocre Greek players.

    Seeing lineups of Aris, PAOK, and OSFP filled with foreigners that just don't have it when I feel that there are good, hungry, Greek young players on the bench is hard.

    When OSFP had foreign players like Rivaldo, Zahovitc, Giovanni, Djoerdjevic I was all good. All these top notch foreign players. I just look at the guys OSFP has and they don't impress me that much.

    I mean we get rid of Kyrgiakos Papadopoulos of 3.5 million euro (great transfer by the way) but how much could we have gotten if he actually played more that 80 minutes all season. I would hate to see all these young Greeks not make it over washed out has been foreigners.

    This year it is the perfect year to not bring in half ass players and give our youth a chance to develop.

    I will keep my mouth shut on this matter from now on in and see how it unfolds.

  6. Olympiakos needs to build from within. When they (the higher ups) realize this, then we can move forward.

    We need a core.....We have non.

    Players Like Torosidis, Mitroglou, Fetfazidis, both Papadopoulos, Zairi, Mirallas, Galitsios, Vasilogiannis, Wanderson, Niklistiotis, Nemeth, Katsikogiannis, should be supported with players like Dudu, Rommedahl, Mellberg, Ibajaza, Riera.

    Until the Greek core is solid again, not spectacular, the team cannot move forward. They need to buiold from within and then bring in the missing pieces.

  7. usually a teams asking price is never the price that is in the final agreement...

    the reason why there arent any greeks on your side is not bc they are THAT expensive, maybe they are a bit overprices but im sure the teams can agree to this player for 500.000 (i could give you about 100 examples of this)..its bc the club prefers to fill the spots on the team with foreign player bc they think that will make the fans happy...

    instead of slowly integrating younger talent or talent from the youth team into the club, they go out and buy some mediocre foreign player, send the young guys on loan and they end up playing in low level or b ethniki teams their whole careers...ive seen so much potential WASTED bc a big club send a promising player to kallithea or ionikos (ktl) on loan and they never develop...

    im not just saying this for OLY, it just happends to be a good example this year...it isnt just oly, so im not attacking your club, please dont think i am, its most clubs throughout greece..we have this complex that overpaying for a foreign player is a better solution then integrating younger talent into the team that could potentially be the future of the club...(eg ninis, mitroglou)

    the only reason panathinaikos are giving young talent a chance is bc they have a greek coach how knows the young players around the country...

    the only reason aek is doing it is bc they have no money to buy 'big name' players...

    where would ninis be now if munoz never gave him a chance and integrating him..and mitroglou? they would be roting at some crap club...

    i hope oly buy both players...and PLAY them bc in 4, 5 years they have the potential to be the stars of our country on an INTL LEVEL...pay 700,000 for them now, get multiple millions some years down the line....the talent is there, our top team have to USE THEM...

    sorry for the long post, i just see so much great talent wasted and it annoys the hell out of me...instead we see players like holebas, bousaidi and other mediocre foreigners at our club...(and we both know, panathinaikos have had TONS of these)


    You have hit the nail on the head.

    I've been saying this for years.

  8. Bravo ! ! ! Making all AEK fans proud and a little sad too :-) ! ! ! :gr: :gr: :gr:

    Just AEK fans???

    Dude this is great for Greek soccer fans and players all around...

    Now the young Greek players know that if they want to play at the top levels they should not sign with the Greek teams. Time to go abroad and expand.

    BRAVO SOCRATI...... :nw:

  9. If Avraam ever plays for the NT again it just goes to show how influencial Olympiakos are in Greek football.

    World's biggest minger!

    It is funny how an outsider sees this. Kyrgiakos Papadopoulos saud that in his opinion Avraam is one of the best he's ever seen, played with or against.
  10. The more I think about it, the more certain I am.

    The team needs a philosophical overhaul.

    I don't want to see Velverde back. I don't want to see Lemonis back (although I still think he can produce).

    I would like to see a French or German flair here.

    Bring in someone that and allow him to do what he wants under 1 condition. Greek youth need to be given playing time.


    both Papadoupoulos (not the aging Avraam),



    I don't care. I just don't want to see aging foreigners that are no better than the Greeks we have.

    I also want to see us play a faster pace game that has a lot of crisp passing.

    Most importantly, we need someone in here that demands respect and gets these guys to work and to play like a team. Kespagia for all the crap people complained about did that.

  11. Finding a manager that would def do well is tough. I'd even bet against Mourinho or Fergusen making it at Olympiakos for more than a year because the mentality that surrounds the club is a joke.

    Nail on the coffin right??

    I have to say when AC MILAN lost 4-0 in Manchester how many Milan fans are blaming the loss on the coach?

    How many Milan fans are asking for whole heart changes?

    Did the Milan owner come out and make some statement?

    Now imagine Olympiakos losing 4-0 in Manchester. What would the answers to those questions be?

    Mentality needs to change on this team. Recycling coaches is not the answer. IMO, let Kerembau run the show. Let him make all decisions with one criteria, there must be 5-6 Greek youths in his 5 year plan.

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