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  1. So many factors have resulted in this surprise outcome. Underestimation, posts, crossbars, wrong player selection, strange tactics, losing a 2 goal lead etc etc. However, one things for sure and that is that we have maintained history like the 5 previous 3rd placed world cup nations before us... Latvia should be commended for their hunger and disciplined approach if little else in a footballing context... It's gonna be a long Summer... Roll on 2006...
  2. Thanks Nightsurfer...As for the game, Latvia's gamesmanship served them well. Their decision to flood the pitch the night Turkiye were going to train and further leave it freeze in the -3'c conditions is little short of genius... Their biggest downfall to me was their lack of ambition to capitalise on Turkiye's 10 men in the last 15 minutes. They chose to sit back and take their 1-0 win. Whether it's enough will remain to be seen...
  3. In some of today's British newspapers, it was reported that Stelios would welcome a move back to Olympiakos. The Bolton player has only been at the Reebok for a few months but claims his heart is still with the red & white faction of Athens. Any news on this in Greece? Also, what are your thoughts? Would you want him back or should he stay and continue to represent Greek football in the EPL...?
  4. Fenerbahce's 1-1 draw with Caykur Rizespor which took place on Nov 8th will be replayed after the TFF upheld Fenerbahce's appeal of a rule violation. Rize's defender Victoria was booked on minutes 41 and 85 but WAS NOT sent off due to an oversight by the referee.. This error was picked up on immediately after the match ended by LiG TV who showed ample replays of the two carding incidents. As a result the Fener board looked into this but everything depended on the referee's report. After spending 2 hours in his room, the referee, Ali Aydin, came out and owned up to his error. It's obvio
  5. Get a life!! :angry:Must everything become a national issue? It was a game between a Greek side and a Turkish side... end of..
  6. I think he's bluffing, or trying to bring the negatiations slightly more favourably towards him. I think everybody knows that Ortega cannot afford the fine, even the FB board. Therefore, Ortega will threaten to quit as that is the only vialable loop hole which would see him escape the fine, all-be-it at the expense of his career. As a result, he is hoping that the board play ball and negotiate a settlement fee with him.... The last I heard is that the board are looking to take the matter in the highest courts in order to ensure they receive their money!
  7. Could have been more as GA missed a penalty and several other chances ;)
  8. They ended Gaziantep 3 Lens 0, and Gencler 1 Sporting 1 - although Gencler could very easily have repeated Antep's impressive result!!
  9. Both have got their work cut out... I'm hoping for decent results although I'd rather Gencler not get too tired ahead of their big game this Sunday ;) :P
  10. How did you work that one out? ;) Anyway, I thought writing in Turkish was not allowed in this forum :P :D :DGS were going to be found out sooner or later. Their last 4 results (3x1-0, 1x0-0) started to give out a false sense of security that the team were improving... Once again, GS's intentions were obvious from the start - 'don't conceed, if we score it's a bonus'. However, the goal by Mavrogenidis (sp?) in the 6th minute put a spanner in the works. From that moment, you almost had the feel that GS won't come back. Then defensive mistake after defensive mistake made it a tiny miracle that
  11. Olympiakos have to win (preferably with a score that better's GS's 1-0 in Istanbul) for any chance of continuation in Europe, where as a draw will all but guarantee GS a UEFA place at the very least. Therefore, I can Galatasaray playing similarly to the way they did against Besiktas. That is to make sure they give little away but try and make their attacks count if they can... Their last four results have seen three 1-0's and a 0-0. Amazing really as their defence is their most criticised area of the team!
  12. Wise guy :rolleyes:They'll get their point(s) in Athens, so fear not.... Just pray that the scoreline doesn't better your 1-0. Otherwise, your third place talk wouldn't be worth anything anyway...
  13. Go:bekli, the standalone word 'tarihi' means historic. However, in the sentance it's used in (tarihi de) means as I previously explained ;). Turkish is very dependent on sentancing for obtaining valid reasoning :) As for the game, it wasn't as great as I thought. However, given that the points were more important then the performance, that's understandable I guess. GS exercised their new found, "protect the scoreline" strategy. Basically, they take the lead and sit back. If they get a second, all fair and well, if not it doesn't matter so long as they don't conceed... The game in Athe
  14. Firstly, I would like the admin to know that the Turkish text posted by Glorn is a famous Galatasaray chant which briefly translates as, "You were champions 4 years back to back You became the greatest in Europe, History cites the facts, Galatasaray write history.." (that was painful :P) So hopefully that should eliviate any misunderstandings :) Secondly, both sides need to win and going on current form OLY are the better side. However, GS do have a habit of raising their game in Europe. They will have the obvious home advantage, but due to the current situation in the group I wi
  15. Rizespor - Galatasaray 0 - 1 Besiktas - Diyarbakirspor 1 - 0 Adanaspor - Konyaspor 1 - 1 Ankaragucu - Elazigspor 1 - 0 Sebatspor - G. 0-3 Malatyaspor - Istanbulsp 2-1 Samsunspor - Gaziantepspor 1-2 Denizlispor - Trabzonspor 0-1 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce 2-2 Besiktas are now 5 clear at the top....
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