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    Omonioa vs Dinamo

    I was quite dissapointed from the result and the way it came. That's why i was not posting for a few days. The night was perfect to knock out Dinamo but s%$#! happened again. All the crowd singing and creating a hell atmosphere. The team was very good the first half but in the second half we showed how much tired we are after the 120 minutes of the Supercup. We won a supercup that cost us the promotion to the first round of UEFA.. Anyway den xenerwnoume pote!! OMONOIA LAOS PRWTATHLIMA!
  2. airy

    Dinamo vs OMONOIA

    Just came back from Bucurest.. Stupid country, Stupid stadium atmosphere, Stupid mistakes from our players who thought that they are playing for the volleyball section of Omonoia! 1000 fans of Omonoia along with 10-20 Steaua, Rapid, AEL fans caused panic to the romanians who managed to throw torches from the roof of a nearby building.
  3. thanks for the video dude, how many olympiakos fans were in the stadium?
  4. airy

    Anorthosis v Rangers

    Do not even think about it :D We can have 25,000 fans alone. If you come that means a real Omonoia lad will be without ticket. As for other Omonoia fans not sharing my opinion you are wrong dude. No hard feelings but you don't want either Omonoia or Apoel to enter Champions League groups because of the huge prizes compared to our budget.. We supported you because you played against the worst enemy of our nation.
  5. Three horse race again, Anorthosis, Apoel, Omonoia. At a point I believe Apoel will have problems of injuries again and due to lack of depth and age of their star players will stay behind of the two. Surprise teams I believe Apollon. Team with a lot of progress compared to last year Ethnikos. Relegation for the 3 new teams.
  6. airy

    Anorthosis v Rangers

    You are wrong my friend. Nobody is behind anorthosis anymore. We were behind them against the turks but no fan in Cyprus want his opponent into the group stages before his own team. All 3 teams and their fans are alone now to achieve the best they can in the competitions.
  7. airy

    Dinamo vs OMONOIA

    O panikos pou epikratei anamesa stous opadous tis Omonoias thymizei imeres telikou opou xanontan ta magika xartakia se merikes wres. To ena meta to allo ta aeroplana protou kala kala navlothoun gemizoun kai arketos kosmos den tha kataferei na metavei stin Roumania. Mexri twra 2 taxidiotika grafeia exoun navlwsei 5 aeroplana. Episis arketoi filathloi exoun diefthetisei metavasi mesw voudapestis, thesallonikis sofias kai moldavias. Xaraktiristiko tou paroxysmou pou epikratei einai oti mathevtike mexri tin roumania opou oi tis dynamo kanoun anafora sta site tous: dinamomania.net : 1000 de f
  8. #########, didn't show up for a fight in Cyprus but they managed with the help of their police to attack a bus of football players.. They are very low in the rank of "hooligans" with this action. As for the security in the airport I don't care. They did it for security reasons and I will be happy if they keep the same security level in the stadium but I doubt. As for Turks crying for the atmosphere in GSP stadium I am laughing.. You played against a crowd that is not even near the big firms of the island. I hope in the future you will meet one of the two big firms of the island, GATE
  9. Omonoia and apoel have matches on 11 and 25 of august for UEFA cup. Anorthosis if progress also have matches. Another match is the Cyprus Super cup on 20 of August. Impossible for me to call this players. Maybe only players playing in Greece will participate
  10. I doubt any big team will allow their players to play in this friendly and I am speaking for apoel, omonoia, anorthosis, olympiakos pireos, pao, larissa
  11. 5 August New GSP Stadium OMONOIA vs XANTHI
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