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  1. :1eye: Ola Endaxi :tup: So "Last" season didn't work out so well for Soti,Rangers or Pana. As Paul Le Guen better not say too much next season "Cest La Vie"(I hope) I think Soteri will do well in,say,Italian Football.Pity neither the Gers or Pana made any cash out of a big transfer too!C'est la Vie..... I'll buy my son the new Bears Top when it comes out next week to cheer myself up,to replace the old one which has "Soti" on the back(honest) Cheers! :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
  2. Rangers will be running the show in Europe under Paul Le Guen & I hope Soto is part of this,as well as another Greek Centre Half or Defender. Chances are he may have to be part of a"clear out" as you would expect from a new manger to enable space for his new stars,which may affect other players who are out of contract. We will have to see what Pope :P Gerhard Kapl has to say is he decides to Appeal against UEFA'S Decision? I will hold my hands up & admit I have called a few referee's Papish in my time in the heat of a Match,but I never realised that they were all Papes? :LOL:
  3. Soto is going no-where but PLG's Ibrox next season.Once he wins us a CL Qualifier Slot. He is showing his character,determination & stands out amongst the rest by playing with his Heart,as well as technically. I am backing him for first & last goals until the end of the Season. WATP.
  4. Hi Soto Fan, I heard from the Glasgow-Greek Grapevine that,ideally,Paul Le Guen is looking for "another" GREEK Centre Half to Partner Soto for next Season. When the Gers Midfield(particularly BF) gets its ass in gear & moves about to find space,Soto looks a better player when he has someone to pass to from defence. Hope he stays. :whistle:
  5. It was close. Maybe Le Guen will encourage Soto to stay longer,maybe not. Realistically Rangers would have had to score 2 or 3 in Spain to pass through.Close,but no cigar :la: Cheers Guys :tup:
  6. If Rangers dig deep,I think we can do it tonight!Hopefully go close B) .......Soto for a Goal,too!
  7. Olympiakos move was Media-garbage.He maybe go to Italy,if RFC don't have enough cash to keep him after success in the Champs League(ahem) Ta-ra-ra, Tarara,tararara-ra-ra, La-la-la-la-la, lah,lah,lah-lah, :box: :box: :box: :box: :box: :box: :box: :box: :box: :box: :box:
  8. I heard we was a done deal with Plympiakos,but not from the horses mouth.He has been a "Free Agent" since January,of course,& is free to leave Ibrox should he wish at the end of the season for no consideration. Hopefully he will be shaving his egg to a European Medal during the Summer! Your Sig indicated to me that you had also heard this?
  9. Nah,Soto's Fine & in the Team for Villareal.He has a beard now which makes him look like Socrates(in the Brazilian,Chainsmoking Centre Half Sense). Hope Rangers get Arsenal once we dispose of the Spanish Team! I heard that Soto has done a deal with a Greek Club & will return to Greece after the end of this Season.
  10. Imho,He enjoys his football too much.He is a good player & has a good attitude.Scottish Refs take this as cheek & can "have it in " for a player.It is a shame for the Refs too as they are not protected by the SFA properly because of the Political Climate,particularly Stuart Dougal who resigned after the "punishment"(or lack of it) dished out to the Celtic Captain after his violent conduct towards the ref during a Derby at the start of the season(which Rangers dug in & won) A player usually gets a "honeymoon" period where they can do no wrong,then gets hammered by every Ref for no apparent reason.ieAt a recent OF Derby,Soto was only one of 3 Rangers players who were trying & the rest were hiding.It was the way things were going at the time. Soto slid in & took the ball off of a celtic player around the corner flag area,right in front of the Linesman.The ref gave a foul to Celtic & booked Soto,where the Linesman saw nothing wrong with the Tackle at all? Later,a Celtic Fan was gesticulating to Soto,& Soto good naturadly clapped at him-Booked again & sent off!!! lol I am not whining here,it is just the nature of the Beast.The Prima-Donna Referee's are paranoid as the Press Slate them,the SFA gag them & backstab them when they need support. No wonder they cannot do their job properly. If Soto plays it cool,this hard time for him will pass.............. Looking forward to seeing him perform against the Spanish with his more natural game(touch wood) Cheers :gr:
  11. :not: Soto's game has been reduced to a no-nonsense clearance-maybe save the fancy stuff for Europe,where none of the Referee's have it in for him.Rangers are winning & may grab second place(ahem)
  12. Soto had a reasonable"warm up" for the forthcoming last 16 CL game against Villareal.Rangers didn't play well but won.Most notably Peter Lovenkrands is showing a rich vein of form right now.& Marvin Andrews is up for it too. :tup:
  13. :LOL: Soto got the First Goal against Lower League Opposition-& Poor Celtic got their worst hammering since Artmedia Bratislava took 5 off of them!Come Back Henke>>>> :LOL:
  14. Scottish Refs have got it in for Soto,his honeymoon period being well & truly over. He will learn/be taught by the hugely experienced defensive management team at Ibrox. Shame,because I like his style just now.
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