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  1. What is exactly the issue on the stadium (GHPEL) that Bardinogiannis and Vgenopoulos can't agree on? From what I read, I gathered that Bardinogiannis is willing to give up his PAO stocks for free, but Vgenopoulos does not take them, because he claims that there is a catch: Bwbos (who was the potential builder of the new stadium in Elaiwnas-Botanikos) may bring PAO to court to request compensation for the failure of the stadium building project. And Vgenopoulos claims that the failure of the project is due to bad handling by Bardinogiannis, so Bardinogiannis should take over this responsibility and not whoever gets the stocks of PAO. But how likely is that Bwbos will win big charges over PAO? And what bad handling did Bardinogiannis do about the stadium building?
  2. The Euro 2012 schedule is up on http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/news/newsid=1726581.html (see also the pdf file linked) First game is Poland-Greece! I start this topic, because I was looking for the holder of TV rights coverage of Euro 2012 in languages other than English and French, in Canada. The page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_201...dcasting_rights lists the rights for many countries, including Canada, but it does not say anything about language. Same with http://www.uefa.com/uefa/mediaservices/med...id=1590265.html In the past, a local Canadian channel (ch 47) used to broadcast on-air some matches with Portugese/Spanish/Italian commentary. If anyone knows whether this holds for Euro 2012, please post.
  3. Thanks a lot for the link. Fotakis goal was a lightning. And he gave at least two warnings before that.
  4. I was at work during the game. If anyone has links to goals or highlights, please post them. From your comments, the game seems it was exciting.. Bravo Ethniki.
  5. ERT-world in N. America has slightly (only slightly) different schedule than ERT-world in Europe. For example, the N. American feed shows some games that are not shown in Europe. (There that are shown by Nova.) For most part though, the schedule is the same.
  6. H enisxush twn a8lhtikwn euprosdekth, alla auto to koyimo pollwn deltiwn eidhsewn kai enherwtikwn ekpompwn, kai h eisagwgh amerikanikwn taineiwn den katalaba ti nohma exei. Apo pou 8a enhmerw8oun oi metanastes dhladh; An malista perilambanoun ekpompes opws to "Reportaz xwris sunora" (`h kai ton E3anta) stis enhmerwtikes kai tis koyoun ki autes, den 8a meinei tipota endiaferon ektos apo a8lhtika, ante pou kai pou kamia sunaulia. E3 allou mas exoun flomwsei ta topika kanalia me tis amerikanikes taineies, kai twra 8a tis blepoume kai sthn ERT; Na'tan toulaxiston kamia eurwpaikh, `h estw asiatikh, kati 8a htan. Uparxei kamia dieu8unsh na grayei kaneis;
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