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  1. savas is right. they will never allow any greek, or any different nationality teams in the A-League. if they did, it would defeat the purpose of the A-League. its sad even thinking about it, because say if that south or olympic did come back in the big league, imagine the crowds that they will pull in. imagine bob jane full again, 8-10 thousand, just like the old times. unfortunately, doesnt look promising though. i guess that they look at all aspects, including crowd trouble. the police probably cant be bothered with us and our hooligans. oh well, cant do much about it.
  2. edessa, how could you be bothered to write so much? anyways, PAOK_EDESSA, emeis then exoume ellinikes omades sthn australia giati theloun na ksefigoun apo thn kategoria. then theloun sxezi me kamia omada apo alli ratsa, kai gia afto then affinoun ksenes omades sto A-League. distixos, then pistevo pote na exei mia elliniki omada :tdown:
  3. so much for a promising season next year. i seriously dont understand how the management of such a once great club can let go players so easily. i seriously hope that we find someone as good, or hopefully better, than paps and fast. so whats next, is gekas leaving next season??
  4. hey guys, if you want to make your own world cup team, you can!! go to www.sportal.com.au from there, click on the dream team tab on the left, then the world cup link. you would need to register, but it doesnt cost, so why not. if you do decide to join, join the league i have started. the code is 707236 there is no money limit, so you can choose your favourite players, however, you may only choose two players of the one country, so your team cannot consist of ronaldinho, kaka, dida, and ronaldo. good luck :tup:
  5. i have to agree with AEK-MTL. if paps does go off to russia, hopefully he will make himself useful and known, unlike giourkas. it is unfortunate for PAO to lose players that have been so good for us :tdown:
  6. mate, i cant wait to see this game. its going to be one of the best games that australian football has seen. the atmosphere will be awsome, cannot wait.
  7. PAO are in a critical stage in the european stage. they need to draw or beat bremen, in germany. now that is a big ask for a team who is struggling to maintain a clean sheet in europe and win in the domestic league. we have started to pick up our form, but still are conceding goals. im hoping that we do draw against bremen and play uefa cup, as it will boost greece's standings in europe and help the club. what do you guys think?
  8. its sad seeing keano leave old trafford. as a man utd fan, its hard to accept roy leaving after 12 long years with the english club. he has made a huge contribution to the team and was part of the team winning the treble. the guy is a gun and a half, and as a man utd fan, i would thank him for all that he has done for club. although he is injured now, many cluibs are interested in him, and Celtic look like picking him up, and why not? the glasgow team could do with a strong midfielder. well done keano on a great career at one of the best teams in england, europe, the world :tup: :nw: :tup: :nw: by the way, does anyone know where he was picked up from by man utd?
  9. at the rate the victory are going, they will probably lose to NZ tonight. i wouldnt be surprised if we do lose. we are getting worse and worse. :tdown:
  10. it has been 31 years since aust was last in a world cup, as we all know, and now they are back. this is the best thing that could have happened for aussie soccer. now that we are going to germany, the a-league will be promoted abit and hopefully will become more popular. however, there is one thing that annoys me. the day after we won against U R GAY, thats all the radio stations talked about, and the news and all media was focused on the socceroos, BUT, before aust was meant to play the south americans, the media down-graded soccer here in aust. for all the australian greeks here, AFL is the main sport, and dont get me wrong, and i like my footy, but soccer is my sport. the media kept on picking the faults in soccer and how it is skillful, like Kevin Sheedy said, "not exciting". the game that aust played against the irish in the international series, here in melb, he started saying how soccer is boring b/c we get the 0-0 draws and all that. now people like him are happy for the socceroos getting through and jumping with joy about it. its good to see that everyone is getting into it, but before the socceroos made it, they hated soccer. and if we didnt get through, they would have complained and all that. anyways, all the best to the socceroos, and hopefully they will put up a fight.
  11. we did play well against the uraguayans, we all can admit that, but we cant put the ball in the net. dont get me wrong, vidukas free-kick was awsome, but unlucky. the goal was let it b/c of poor marking by vince grella. for the first 20mins, we killed them, but then we strated to wear off, and the uraguayans took over. the second half of the first half was dominated by the south americans. how about viduka hitting the post. this jus shows that we have the potential of getting the ball in, but just need to do so. i think we will go to germany this wednesday night.
  12. okay guys, i may be abit behind from the last reply, but from what ive read, you guys are kind of getting off the topic of aus vs uruguay. my thoughts: if australia win (which i strongly doubt) or draw or lose by a single goal, then they are going to germany. however, if they lose by 2 or more goals, kiss the plane tickets goodbye. the likes of forlan (top goal scorer in La Liga last season), recoba, zayaleta etc etc, the aussies will have a tuff task ahead of them. they definetly need to play defensively there, and hopefully it will pay off. now to add to the arguement about conacaf, the USA do have it easy aswell, but i must admit, not easier than us aussies. we had the likes of who? coconut kickers? and we struggled to beat them in honisares. we never would have gotten direct qualification to the world cup through oceania, and playing the 5th placed south american team isnt that fair either, b/c we never actually played a strong team before that. since we r in asia qualifications now, it doesnt make things easier. now we have to play harder, stronger teams, like japan, sth korea, iran, saudi arabia. they may not sound like big soccer nations, but they've qualified for the past countless world cups. to conclude, all the best to the green and gold and i hope they make it to germany, need 2 imporve and promote this A-League
  13. mate, tell me when greek soccer was ever good? i dont want to talk about how ridiculous the greeks teams are, but they are in europe i must admit, but we can never compare OSFP or PAO to the likes or barca, real, arsenal, man utd, inter etc etc. our soccer will never be like theres, so we cant go and start saying that greek soccer sucks b/c "monkeys" run our clubs. greek soccer will never be big b/c its reputation is crap, therefore, it will never rise. we can only dream of having a strong league unfortunately.
  14. # Team Manager Mat Tot 1 Nunawading City Manolis Diankis 65 238 2 knight_ru knight ru 51 219 3 Sydney F.C Manoli papadopoulos 38 213 4 masters Peter Mastorakos 42 200 5 7bicas Nuno Reis 41 196 6 Zborting ZeeKoei Wouter Spitters 30 193 7 Olympiacos Harris Titsis 44 192 8 Borobia Stars Bruno Borobia 37 191 9 Porto Leone F.C. CHRISTOS MOSCHOS 39 189 10 Kalemannia Khaldoon Altabtabaie 57 189 11 Ooopaaah Michael Corleone 38 185 12 thrilos -7- Zak Bernard 44 185 13 Malvern Steve Sioulas 44 183 14 crazy boys elias gyftopoulos 48 182 15 TaAgoria F.C. Dimitris Prongos 51 178 16 AEK Antrim John Gurlides 50 177 17 Mice FC Dimitris Synodinos 46 174 18 wonderboys Vasilios Lagos 45 174 19 KINGS OF EUROPE 2004 chris pavlakos 39 171 20 Hellas 04 Peter Dionysopoulos 53 171 21 ELLAS MELVOURNHS John Tsiolis 30 170 22 Black Shirts Anestis Arias 52 170 23 panatha13 Vasilios Roumeliotis 57 168 24 ChaniaFC Jim Haron 45 167 25 Kitrinomauroi Mitsos Arianos 33 165 26 [GrK-2nV] fotis siozos 41 165 27 Anemotia stavros dais 22 161 27 PAOK Chicago Christos R. 33 161 29 Wogz united Fotis Siozos 45 161 30 FC Bayern München Felipe Videla 41 161 31 Olympiacos Marsel M 34 156 32 Kavala Dolphins FC Thanos Machleras 29 155 32 eurobotzie strixbak dion dion 41 155 32 OSFP Troopers ioannis chatzimanolis 46 155 35 EC Vitória Paulo Camurugi 26 154 35 AEKFC michael kappas 31 154 37 Ellas All-Stars Nick Nehamas 25 146 38 sapfo chris dais 22 142 39 paok fc george dilveridis 68 140 40 The playing popps´s Nassos Athanassakis 30 127 41 louperstars Dean Loupos 39 122 42 Whasbas Paul Tzaneteas 44 114
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