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  1. For those of us that lost the Nova channels at ellas tv platform, note that arenasport 4 broadcast the greek championship game every weekend , in Serbian language though.
  2. I don't know from where you get your information but when I called and spoke with one of the reps they said that the ipad requires a different account and it is not free.
  3. I spoke with a friend of mine who has the ipad version. He told me that the quality is awesome. The only thing is that you have to buy the app $15 also you need to create a new account and password, therefore to pay again since you cannot use the account you may have with the top box. My friend is using the air tv to connect the ipad to his tv instead of using the box. I think programming is cheaper in ipad as well compared to box.
  4. anyone has it yet? for more info www.tvcosmo.com
  5. Christos Anesti guys it's been a long time since I visited this chat. Some news on Ellas tv first, you can unlock your password protected channels like private spice and/or ellas cinema3,4 by entering your account password. The one you used when you activated your box and boom you get access. Also I just found out that a new similar company started offering iptv like ellas tv called tvcosmo. For more info www.tvcosmo.com I was surprised to receive a brochure by mail and also one of the owners of Cavo told me about it and he said he was involved too. Lets find out what you guys know about it. S
  6. Motherwell vs Panathinaikos for champions league qualification tomorrow
  7. If I were you I would ask if Ote Tv will be added to the channel listing, so we could watch tomorrow's game. Not how many mbits is being used per channel, and am not upset. Or if anyone knows how to watch it in US.
  8. exactly my point addynia. you have to pay for all these several sports channels plus the greek ones and also you have to have several providers. How about the national team games and basketball games of euroleague and national team plus the greek league? With ellas tv you have them all for a small price.
  9. I really dont understand some of you guys. Finally after so many years we are able to watch live tv from Greece with all the channels and without having to install dishes on the roof, and you are complaining? Asking so many questions for what use? I have plain dsl from verizon and dont have the issues or problem you are posting. You should be greatful that you can watch everything on tv. I was happy to watch, Champions league the whole year, Europa League, Greek basketball, Euroleague etc. Did you watch any of this from the other tv providers you have or have had over the years?? The answer is
  10. The price of the box on Ellas Tv went down to $200 also I was told now you can lease it for only $8 per month and when you reach the $200 the box is yours.
  11. the channels I mentioned above are included with all packages expect the sports channels that are part of the family package.
  12. yes sorry Alter is out. Let me make a complete list of the channels you get. ERT world, MEGA Cosmos, Rik sat, Ellas Dimotika, Star International, ET-1, Balkania Music Tv, Mega channel, Ant1, Alpha, Skai, MTV, Star, Ellada Tv peloponissos, Kanali Voulis, Eurosport, Eurosport2, Kosmos TV, Dimotiki Tileorasi, Novasport1, Novasport2, NovaCinema1, NET, ANt1 Europe, 4E, GreekVoice(WZRA TV), TV Kissamos, Tile Asty, Nickelodeon, MTV Greece, Rythmos FM, Kima TV, Mega channel(cyprus), 902 Aristera. BBC1, TV2, TV3, TV2 sport, E Entertainment. Addtionally you get all the serious on VOD for free and radio
  13. Hello guys and happy new year. I have great news, for those who are still wondering about satellite channels and where they go. The answer is Ellas TV IPTV, no dish is needed and no computer. Just internet connection and you get all the channels you can imagine. Directly and live from Greece. Just to give you an idea we have Mega, Antenna, Et1, NET, Alpha, Skai, Alter, Novasport1, Novasport 2, Nova Cinema 1, Makedonia TV, Balkanika TV, Star, MTV, Eurosport 1, Eurosport2 and many more. Check our website www.ellastv.gr or visit us on facebook too.
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