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  1. Perfect! Samaras is a monster, I miss him playing as winger. Not sure if he still has a good pace, though.
  2. I absolutely agree with you. If it happens, we already start losing the match. Playing defensively doesn't mean we can't have a winning mentality.
  3. Sad for you, man, you're out of world cup with your NTs.
  4. GREECE: AEK (and all other greek teams when playing at european competitions) CANADA: Montreal Impact BRAZIL: Santa Cruz FRANCE: PSG (I just started with PSG, simply cause they have an amazing team and I want to see how they will perform from now on... on the way to buy an yellow PSG jersey) National teams: Brazil, Greece and Canada And that's all, folks.
  5. I miss Samaras at this team. In my understanding, our chances will increase like crazy if Mitroglou is inspired. He just need one single ball to destroy. And btw, I'm very happy that Croatia is a good team. It's much better for Greece to win over a team with an offensive mentality. If we manage to score a goal in Croatia, I'll have no doubts that we're gonna make it.
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