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  1. So, ERT is a "boat without a captain" 1. a new investigation by the criminal prosecutor for spending on shows and salaries 2.after the resignation of the CEO, "nobody wants to take the position because signing might lead him/her to the .... prosecutor" So much for transparency at ERT. You want a forecast? ERT will not have any worthwhile content very very soon.
  2. 13.3.13 http://media-industry.blogspot.gr/2013/03/blog-post_3107.html#more
  3. http://fimotro.blogspot.gr/2013/03/blog-post_4152.html
  4. It seems that Fimotro articles led the Prosecutor to initiate a Criminal Investigation http://fimotro.blogspot.gr/2013/03/fimotro_7250.html
  5. Another Criminal Investigation for ERT?
  6. I wonder what does Antenna, NOVA, ERT, etc do about all this? Maybe some of their employees enjoy a cut thus they keep their mouths shut: it's not polite to speak while eating :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I hear DUM-DUM says she has ALPHA rights for Canada...
  8. So Antenna, NOVA and ERT have given licenses to EllasTV?
  9. So you mean DUM-DUM has no longer any relationship with MEGA Rights? How about ALPHA, RIK, or other channels?
  10. Very interesting article about the lawsuits against Papagiannis. Here is another lawsuit against Papagiannis by Tsohatzopoulos. http://www.fimes.gr/2011/03/tsoxatzopoulos-xatzinikolaou/ and the video for the rally Papagiannis arranged against Tsohatzopoulos, 3 years ago, outside Tsohatzopoulos mansion under Acropolis Only Tsoxatzopoulos is in prison and today received 8 year sentence. The mansion which appears in the video was transferred by Court Order to the Greek State. So let's see on the other lawsuits, who ends up in jail and who stays out....
  11. So Antenna is part of the package with three channels? Very interesting!
  12. Are you suggesting that the Pakistani is just a "front man" for GMG/TITAN?
  13. http://fimotro.blogspot.gr/2013/03/g.html
  14. Extremely Interesting!!! Maybe you can shed some more light on the mystery: I) are you suggesting that the Pakistani is just a front man for DUM-DUM? II) do you think that "Omorfopaido" is on the take and from whom? III) if not KBI, who is currently collecting the subscriptions for ERT?
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