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  1. 20 hours ago, DiogenesLight said:

    PAO just keeps rolling along.....gotta hand it to the coach as he is still able to get the team prepared and get the results despite injuries. He's done a great job juggling the players and seems to be able to get a little something extra out of every player. Brutal game against Lamia which looked more like a rugby match but still got the result.

    Well said,   Hopefully the bench can keep contributing.    Speaking about the match against LAMIA,  that was brutal and unsportsmanlike hopefully they pay the price and get regulated.   We don’t need teams like this anywhere near the top tier.

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  2. What a start to the new season undefeated first 5 matches!   This is definitely PAO best team since 2010,  its been more than a decade since PAO has been in the championship conversation.  This team has the talent,   But lets not get ahead of ourselves its a long season.  Anyway its about time we have something to look forward to watching come game day.

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