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  1. Excited for this draw!  At this level, all teams are high quality.  But, we dodged some major bullets!  Now, we need a few more signings and we'll he ready to compete for 2nd or 3rd in group!  FORZA AEK!!!!

  2. 42 minutes ago, Blackhawk said:

    Guys enjoy the game. Unfortunately I will probably not be able to see it live as I will be driving to Pittsburgh. If I leave early enough and drive over 80 MPH I might be able to catch some of the stream on laola.tv. I'll have to download the game when I get back home and watch it later. Hopefully it will  be a win for the good team.

    My lineup for the game:

    ---------------- Paschalakis ----------------
    Matos - Varela - Crespo - Vierinha
    -------- Mauricio ------- Canas ----------
    Campos --------- Pelkas ----------Mak
    ----------------- Prijovic ---------------------- 

    Where you from Blackhawk?

  3. 3 hours ago, SydneyPAOK said:

    Scoreboard actually says that the PAOK-AEK match stands at 1-0 to PAOK in the 90th min. It's the official score. Check it out on the official Greek Superleague website.

    Best team? Hmmm nearly but only with the help of deductions to PAOK.

    Your championship will always be clouded with skepticism.

    Actually, the scoreboard and our trophy case say differently.  At the end of the day, banners and trophies speak for themselves! 

  4. 7 hours ago, SydneyPAOK said:

    Bahh let them celebrate and they should be celebrating. The funny thing is that they are not celebrating to the level we have seen for other championships as they keep coming back to defend the worthiness of their title across forums, social media, in the actual media and in general life. If i were an aektzi i would just be ignoring PAOK and other fans because the more they defend their 'deserving' title the more skepticism there is clouding their title.

    As i have said there will forever be a cloud lingering over their title which unfortunately is a shame to have for any champion.



    Scoreboard says.......no defending that AEK were the best team in Greece!  

  5. 14 hours ago, SydneyPAOK said:

    well derrrr how did you expect this topic to go... we will have our view and you will have yours. 

    the one thing that is for sure which is unfortunate, is that a cloud will always linger over this championship and aektzides will always need to retaliate in defense of how worthy your championship was for aek. Regardless of opinions the champion for this season will never be known had it played out till the end without any incidents and for that very reason we will refute your 'deserved' and 'best' tags and you will always need to defend those tags.





    As we say in the States, "Scoreboard."  That's all that needs to be said. No defending of being champs; the trophy that we get on May 5th speaks for itself. 

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  6. 35 minutes ago, Bananas said:

    I did drink the cool aid.  Before drinking, I thought PAOK earned more points in the league.  But now that I've drank it, I can SEE that AEK deserve the title.

    AEK earned the most points.  AEK would've won even if PAOK didn't have 9 points taken deducted.  Ah the cool aid.  Titans of Greece!

    DING DING DING DING !!!  STEP RIGHT UP.  WE HAVE A WINNER!  I think you drank the honesty-aid by accident.

    At last some honesty.  A Freudian slip ?  No back tracking now.

    We lost it.  You didn't win it.  Best team in Greece. Deserved champions.  Titans of Greece.  That paper championship will stick for a long time.

    Haters gonna hate.....I cant hear out my left ear, the 2018 Championship trophy is plugging it.  I cant wait to stick the Kypello in the other to mute all the complaining/ hating PAOK fans.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, SydneyPAOK said:

    Yawn. Read the forums again i think most PAOK fans have owned it including myself that we lost it due to stupid actions of 1 fan and 1 owner. Still dosen't negate the fact then that you won by default. That actually cant be disputed. So technically:

    ΑΕΚ γερά, τιτλο στα χαρτιά!  ΑΕΚ γερά, τιτλο σταχαρτιά!  ΑΕΚ γερά, τιτλο στα χαρτιά!




    I have some left over champagne from yesterday's celebration that I'm saving for the Kypello......

  8. I see most PAOK fans are still drinking the hater-ade........keep drinking that kool-aid.  At the end of the day, you all lost the championship on your own actions.  Own it, and move on!!!  

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  9. 34 minutes ago, AchillesHeel said:

    I've refrained from commenting on this subject for a while because as a neutral I tend to see things objectively and don't look at it from any team fan's perspective but I have to say : AEK (if they win the title) didn't win it on paper...its a case of PAOK losing the title on paper which is different. 2 games needed to be played and completed but weren't....the game against oly never started because a fan threw an object and hit the coach (regardless of theatrics that can't be allowed even if I think Garcia and oly are chickens#!ts) and in the game against AEK, Savvides invaded the pitch and pulled his team out....whether he threatened anyone or not, he stopped the game....a stupid, impetuous move that cost you the title. PAOK gave the opposition the opportunity and they took advantage of it. The rest of the circus show is just that, a circus show being played out by the media. Even if rulings are overturned it still doesn't take away the fact that it was the actions of Savvides and the paper throwing idiot that cost you the title and not the actions of anyone else. This is what should be addressed by PAOK.

    Amen brother!

  10. Guys, it's been fun voicing opinions, and listening to all sides of this saga.  By the reaction in these forums, one thing is certain, we all want to see soccer prosper in Greece.  We love the game, our teams and the competition.  If you look at what's happened in the past 45 days in GSL, it's absolutely insane.  Not looking back to prior years, but just focusing on the current state.  I'm not speaking as an AEK fan right now, and I hope you read this with neutrality, and not with your teams colors.  The incidents at Toumba for the past 2 home games are of no fault of the visiting teams.  Against Oly, no matter what the object was that was thrown, iit was unfortunate.  The rules of the league clearly stated what the repercussions are for breaking the rules.  PAOK was given a -3 point deduction, then 2 home games without fans.  

    Remember, earlier in the season, Olympiacos was given the same punishment for mismanaged fans against AEK.  In a turn of events, less than 18 hours before the match against AEK, an appeal was granted where points were given back to PAOK AND fans were permitted to attend the game.  So, the evening prior to the game, AEK went to bed being 5 points ahead, and the expectation of no fans.  We all wake up on Sunday to the news of the change in the ruling.............

    Fast forward to the derby, and we all saw what happened......an owner and general manager invade a pitch!  Players confirm that threats were made towards the referee by PAOK officials; images of a gun holstered on the waist of the owner.......chaos......

    Now, if we are unbiased in reading the events listed above, how in the world would anyone expect ANY team from any part of the world, to come back onto the field and finish the match?!  How can we expect the referee to officiate the final minutes of the game, after what happened earlier?  I didn't even list the fact that a goal was allowed, disallowed, then allowed again; since it has no bearing on the situation of the pitch invasion.  PAOK made their bed; now they must sleep in it.  No finger pointing, no excuses, it's been happening all season.  When will you hold your team/officials/fans accountable for their actions?  When will we expect the league to uphold the rules, that are written in black and white?  This is the very reason that we've become the laughing stock of the soccer world.  

    The fact that Olympiacos has had their appeal postponed for over 30 days is another laughing matter.  Will I be shocked if they are given back their 3 points; no.  The league gave PAOK back their points, so what's the justification to deduct from Oly?  Rules are rules, right?!!

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  11. What is everyone missing here? Let's not even mention the gun; what the hell is an owner of a major team even doing on the field, during the game?!  People, open up your eyes. This crap doesn't happen anywhere.  His butt should have been in the owners box.  The moment he made it about himself is when he screwed the team, the fans, and Greek football! 

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  12. Folks, let's be realistic here. How the heck can you expect anyone to come out and play after the crap that happened 2 hours ago?!  3 weeks in a row that PAOK are involved with chaotic scenes.  This one takes the cherry though. No business for an owner to be on the field; EVER! 

  13. Folks, the problem is there is no level of consistency in applying the rules of the league in Greece.  Has been an issue in the past, and continues to be an issue currently.  That's the issue.  Where else in the world do these things happen like this?!  

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  14. Regardless of what team you root for, it's time for clubs to be accountable for the actions of fans in the stands.  If PAOK fans are upset, it should be with the senseless fan who threw the roll at Garcia.  It's the biggest game of the season, and you have to throw an object at the opposing team?!  Blame him, not AEK or the league!  Oly took advantage of an opportunity that an idiot in the stands gave them. 

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