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  1. On 3/26/2020 at 9:40 AM, Alphonse said:

    Thryleon, I forget you in NSW or VIC?

    Sorry Greg.  Im in Vic.  I havent been on for a while as life has become very busy for me.


    Things have not taken off yet, but they are still anticipating that at the height of this crisis in June, we are going to have 2 patients for every 1 bed we have.  That is with the curve being flattened.  The crisis is going to be drawn out for most of this year, or until a vaccine is found.


    Anyway, all of that is details.  Stay healthy people.

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  2. Yep.  I think its peoples coping mechanism, so try and be gentle with her.


    Something Ive learned about the elderly.  Often, although they enjoy their lives, they are marking time.  The older they get, the more of their friends they have lost.  The more of themselves they lose.  They aren't what they used to be, and any attempt to stop them is met with resistance.  This resilience you're facing is often the reason they are living longer lives, so rather than fight it, assist them to take some precautions and continue as best they can.



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  3. Guys, working for a health service in Australia, and can I tell you that they are doing the best they can.


    Even so, things are going to get out of hand very quickly everywhere regarding this.


    Its simply a matter of inputs vs outputs.   The inputs are greater than the outputs, which is going to have very bad results.


    Stay healthy and you'll be ok.  Im preparing to spend Easter and the majority of this year completely removed from my mum, and my sister.  I cannot risk going anywhere whilst I still go to work.

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  4. He has been good.  The biggest issue with him, is that he would struggle to score in a brothel with a fist ful of dollars.  He does so well at creating time, space and opportunities, and is very good when running at players, but he is not a good finisher.

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  5. On 1/9/2020 at 12:23 PM, Soprano76 said:

    Agia sofia is a pretty dope stadium. Just wish it sat 40k + for European matches and derbies

    30k is enough for the Greek league.  Its all a pissing contest with the numbers anyway.


    The european games are so few and far between, better off having 25-30 every week rather than sitting in a half empty stadium most of the time (derby's aside).

  6. So its clear as mud to me at the moment.



    Novasports appear to be broadcasting home games for the following teams:



    Asteras Tripolis








    This weekend, Olympiakos are travelling to Lamia which means that if I am a subscriber to this service, I cannot watch the game unless I source it via other means.


    Is that correct?  What are people doing here in Australia?  I haven't watched a superleague game in years.  Thanks to Optus Sports here in Australia, all the european matches are available either live or on demand, so that has been brilliant, but that is solely for Europa league and Champions League.  This weekends game is not one that fills me with excitement, but I have had a Greek soccer hiatus for a little while, and am now looking to "get back into it".


    What do people suggest? 

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  7. How is it that the two English teams we are facing have sacked their previous under performing coaches and put in coaches who are simply going to take us very seriously and get good results?


    How unlucky can you get.  When playing off against stronger teams you need to face them at their worst, not when they are in recovery.  I would rather play Tottenham again now than when we played them the second time.  Hopefully Arsenals renaissance will similarly fail.

  8. I wouldnt worry about the signings just yet.  AEK will plod along for now, until the Gipedo is finished, and then they will splash the cash to get the bums on seats.


    Its standard operating procedures really.

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