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  1. Taxi scored a hat trick in 3-5 win against Orlando city yesterday. Also scored DC only goal in 1-3 loss last week June 25. Now has 9 goals in 10 games so far in MLS.
  2. Man we are playing great so close to getting that goal. Bakasetas wants to score again so bad lol he’s been close.
  3. Yes I think it’s 10 a pot so if we finish as top 2 in league C we will be pot 3 (ranked 29/30). If we finish 3rd/4th out of league c winners we will be pot 4 (ranked 31/32).So getting maximum points in our group is important.
  4. Euro 2024 draw isn’t based on FIFA rankings. It’s based on uefa nations league rankings. So if we get promoted to league b depending on our Points compared to other group c winners we could be placed anywhere from 29-32. League A is 1-16, league b is 16-32.
  5. As long as we don’t lose on Sunday we should be in good shape to top the group. If we lose by more than one goal then Kosovo will have the tiebreaker I believe. man that really sucks that limnios has acl injury. So who’s going to replace him ??
  6. Looks like you need a PhD in math to calculate that formula LMAO.
  7. Damn i missed the goals!!! Get home from work turn the game in and it’s 2-0 in 27th min lol
  8. Yeah I thought the 4 group winners in group C will play in a playoff and winner in playoffs will get a spot in euro 2024. At least that’s how it was last time not sure if they will change it this time though.
  9. We played decent had good possession but didn’t create much chances but not complaining a win is a win. We got 6 points in first 2 away games and top the group just have to keep it up we should def win the group. We aren’t giving up cheap goals like usual when we have a 1-0 lead that’s the difference.
  10. Yes sir! Yeah for anybody that doesn’t know get the ViX app on your tv or phone or you can watch on ViX.com. It’s a Spanish streaming app and has all the uefa nations league games you can even watch the replays if you miss the game. Just go on where it says canales(channels) and click on the drop down box and click deportes(sports) and bam has all the live games and replays!! Your welcome !! Lol
  11. Vix is free and it’s streaming all uefa nations league games but downside it’s in espanol. GOAL BAKASETAS AGAIN!
  12. Man it’s really tough not having sokratis, Manolas and siovas. Our defense was the rock of our team but times have changed and I guess it’s time to move on. Our midfield has always been the problem but at this point we are going to have to be more attacking cause we can’t rely on a solid defense anymore.
  13. What about Taxi Fountas?? 2 goals in his debut with DC United in MLS 3-2 win on apr 23. Then 2 goals against Houston dynamo in 2-0 win on may 7. Then a goal against inter Miami in 2-2 draw. 5 goals and 3 assist in 6 starts. Yeah it’s MLS but who cares he’s in form I think he deserves a start against northern Ireland in nations league.
  14. I say in our next qualifier we start samaras gekas salpi kats and tziolis and I guarantee we get a 1-0 win lol
  15. Obviously it's not the coaches if they both lost to Faroe Islands it's the garbage players they should be ashamed of themselves. Well at least they made history
  16. Never thought in my lifetime we would lose to Faroe Islands once, but TWICE !!! DAMN
  17. Not making excuses but fcking refs robbed us if mitro goal counted would of been a different game. I knew we were at a disadvantage when I saw refs are from Norway lol
  18. I say bring back Kara kats tziolis what else do we have to lose we can't score a goal and we are in the shittiest group in qualifying
  19. WTF!!!!!!! this team is a complete embarrassment. We can't score against FI in over 170 mins and concede 3 goals
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