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  1. From this team given what we know of Skibbe, one would expect Glykos/Kapino; Torosidis, Sokratis, Manolas, Tzavellas; Samaris, Maniatis; Mantalos, Fortounis, Stafylidis; Mitroglou. Heaven help us. De Bruyne alone will destroy our fullbacks. And even Sokratis/Manolas may struggle to contain a beast like Lukaku if the midfield doesn't shield them properly. Which they never do.
  2. Where is everyone?? The team is showing great form with a nice win over PAOK. Jimenez is certainly getting the best out of what we always knew was a talented group of players. The winter signings sure helped. Araujo is a gun. What do we have to do to keep him next year?
  3. heaven help us with glykos between the sticks.
  4. Mitrogol is in Romania-era form again!! Just in time for the match against Belgium.
  5. Oddly, he will wear the number five shirt as Zaragoza chase promotion
  6. Nikod

    Younes Hamza

    Who is this guy? Leading the league in scoring...
  7. Glad he's staying. He would've disappeared in Russia and I think the EPL is too fast and physical for him.
  8. If anything, this makes it more likely skibbe will pick him, right?
  9. Yes He brings the passion and vocal leadership this team is desperate for. A shame not to start him.
  10. Yes, we have no cover there at all. Who has deputized for him most recently? Staf? not a long term solution. Who do we have coming up the ranks there? I had hopes for Bakakis but he hasn't been the same since the ACL. Whatever happened to Skondras and Kitsiou from PAOK?
  11. wtf is up with this guy? is he playing for cagliari at all?
  12. He's lost the motor that made him top class. As a result, his crossing has declined because he can't get into the same dangerous positions. And his vulnerability in the air is increasingly obvious. Still a dependable player for the NT but he used to be one of our best.
  13. I guess Serra Ferrer wasn't available...
  14. Is Dellas still the manager at Atromitos? Best of luck to both of them. I am sad it didn't work out for them at AEK.
  15. has any greek player ever had success in russia? The only ones I can think of who played there are Seitaridis (huge bust) and Karelis (no goals in nine matches according to wikipedia).
  16. this guy is good enough to play in Serie A no doubt. But between his temper and poor judgement in picking clubs his career has stalled. How old is he now?
  17. I hope this doesnt mean Galanopoulos will see his game time reduced. I've been very impressed with the kid.
  18. fifth from the bottom team in spain. I don;'t know a single player in their squad.
  19. I'm insane. Can't believe I left him out. My favorite AEK player of all time after Demis. I was pretty tired when I wrote this. Obviously he belongs in the best 11.
  20. that's a bad injury for any player...especially one who depends on speed. poor guy. who takes his place for the NT now?
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