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  1. From what I have been reading this week....The United States played a big role in this deal to happen.

    In case a deal wasn't reached....The USA had a bailout package ready for Greece to go to the drackma!!!

    And in that bailout package....Greece would have to agree to austerity measures put in place by Washington.

    At the end of the day....Greece would at some point except austerity measures,.absolutely no choice.

    Where did you read this, can you post links please ~~~ thank you

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  2. Athinaios the scenario you pose is due to the governments of PASOK and ND, I dont understand what it has to do with the current government.


    You don't understand, Tsipras and Varoufakis have repeatedly told the Troika that they want to pay back the debts however Greece is physically unable too do so as the debt is now unserviceable and unless relief is given it wont be. It is in the Troikas interests to provide debt relief similar to what Germany received after WW2 to help them rebuild. 

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  3. I am blaming the current government for lying to the people and knowingly driving the country off the cliff. There is a left wing agenda to take the country to an authoritarian style of government, and they will not stop at anything. No human lives, or 'collateral' cost is going to stop them.  


    The current proposals from the Troika were not sustainable so what alternative are you proposing all you are doing is criticising the current government for having a left wing agenda at least they are trying to do something different than what the previous governments have been doing and failing for the last 7 years 

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  4. I can't believe the amount of hate that Tsipras has been receiving from people on these forums, the reality is that Greece cannot continue with the current austerity measures offered by the creditors it clear that in 5 months time we will be in a much worst situation than the one we are in now.


    The call for the referendum was 100% justified you need to remember that he was only voted in with 40% of the total countries votes and doesn't have the authority to revert to the Drachma without a referendum.

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  5. yes, i believe you are correct...but it's still a majority of voters - is it not? what would be a better synonym?


    A majority of voters should be more than 50%

    Technically speaking by what you said above Party A below would constitute a majority:


    Party A - 26% of total votes

    Party B - 25% of total votes

    Party C -25% of total votes 

    Part D - 24% of total votes


    For what its worth nothing of what you and I just posted has anything to do with how a government is formed. I don't know how Gerrymandering works in Greece (I don't know enough about the Greek political election process in general)


    Fun educational video to watch on Gerrymandering - 

  6. Relax guys we have Kats, its still not over!

    Make fun of Kats (and Kara) all you like but at least we qualified for major tournaments and made top 2 in the group stages in said tournaments with those two in the midfield. And as boring as it was to watch we never lost to the Faroe Islands a country with the poppulation roughly the size of the city of Kalamata

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